Blog apology!

I’ve been extremely slack on the blog front as I’m still struggling to get the gang of the site but please be patient and I promise to try and get better at this!! TRY being the operative word!

Overwhelmed on the book front again as the Book Publishing world seem intent on bringing out way too many books for readers to cope with! Awash with lots of lovely titles on NetGalley too right now so I’m in need of extra hours in the day to get through my current TBR pile! Some new bookshelves would be a welcome addition too as I’m currently piling books on top of some drawers and even, worringly, hiding some in the wardrobe……that’s normal bookish behaviour right!?! 😉

Have linked my page with my GoodReads page so I’m up to date there with all my most recent reviews so hope that is a good place for you to see the variety of books I’ve been drawn to recently. Really finding that my tastes in reading are changing and becoming more adventurous – must be an age thing! Another year older this week so have had fun with birthday gifts of Waterstones vouchers….my family know me well!

So I hope my apology is accepted and I hope to be posting more of recent book purchases, booknews and book reviews……if you think of anything else you’d like to see then please leave me a comment and I’ll try (see, there’s that word again!) and see to your wishes!!





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