Reading Slumps…..

I’ve not had to deal with a reading slump for quite a while now, but have recently I’ve really struggled to find the inclination to pick anything up  – even old favourites (normally harry potter, malory towers or alice in wonderland!) have failed to snap me out of it and I was just wondering if others go through this and how normal it seems to be amongst readers?!  And why does it happen?!  I love books.  You love books! So why do we reach a point where our brains seize up and say NO MORE!!!

And of course as the reading slows down, the buying/acquiring of new books fails to slow at the same rate so I’m now faced with a TBR pile the size of Mt Everest – okay, slight exaggeration! – and that puts me off even more from reading!  Is there a foolproof way to trick the brain into rediscovering all that you love about books?!  I’m hoping it involves chocolate and am trying the maltesers approach this evening in hope that it jogs me into a full on reading frenzy once more! Worth a try right?!!!  I’ll report back with my findings!

The sunshine has returned with avengeance today too so maybe the long winter had just got me down reading wise, so maybe the sight of blue sky and a nice comfy bench in the back garden will lure me out of hibernation so I can tackle the ever growing backlog of books!

Has anyone else found a cure for these times that seem to hit us all?  I’ve got a couple of short stories that I might settle down with or maybe i should just dive in with a beast of a book and hope for the best?!



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