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National Bookshop Day! And BookPost!

Like we need an excuse to visit one!! But the wonderful people at Books Are My Bag have helped to create National Bookshop day to help celebrate the wonders that are Bookshops!!  With a variety of gorgeous tote bags designed specially for the event, it is a great way to entice those of us who love books to visit more bookshops, and those who don’t visit many to venture in and discover the delights that are all things books!

So it was rude not to pay a visit to a Bookshop today, as I was  lured by the gorgeous limited edition Tote Bag designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith and thankfully I managed to locate one – and then was forced (!!) to buy a couple of books to put in there – just to test it out for sturdiness of course!!

So here’s my new additions to my book family!! Did go in with a list of books I was looking for, but managed to find zero of those so was very thankful to other books catching my eye!   Might now have to spend the afternoon reorganising my bookshelves to try and create a bit of extra space – anyone else often find themselves wandering round rooms thinking ‘ooh i wonder if I could fit in another shelf/bookcase over there’ ?!  Just me then!!

Was also rather chuffed to see the postman had visited when I got back home as a book I’d won on Twitter had been delivered!  Was beautifully wrapped as well 


Always loved Jane Austen and anything related, so really looking forward to diving into this book soon!

So, now to fit in some reading time on Bookshop Day! Anyone reading anything good this weekend?! Or visited a Bookshop?  Would love to know what you bought if you did!




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