My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!!

Greetings!!  The Daffodils are showing off their loveliness in the back garden and this week BOOKS have been showing off their loveliness to me in all their glory both story and cover wise!!  It has been a good week book wise!!  Hope you have had similar experiences this week!   And the weather has warmed up – bonus!! Always a good feeling not having to wear 6 layers before leaving the house – oops I’ve jinxed it now haven’t I?!  Watch out for  4 foot of snow to cover the country next week! Oops!!

On to books!!  I have read and received some stunning books this week so let me share the prettiness with you all!



These 4 were part of my #WorldBookDay online shopping spree at Alma Books .

First Impressions by Charlie Lovett

The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett

WabiSabi by Francesc Miralles

Love In Small Letters by Francesc Miralles

And as a member of the Urbane Book Club – where you pay £99.99 and get a copy of EVERY book that the publisher releases throughout the year, these wonderful 4 releases were delivered this week

The Gift Maker by Mark Mayes

Deadly Prospects by Clio Gray

All The Places I’ve Ever Lived by David Gaffney

The Single Soldier by George Costigan


Lucky enough to win a book via the GoodReads giveaway page this week too so this beauty arrived this morning

Swimming With Seals by Victoria Whitworth


And then via Nudge Books, these two books arrived for me to review this week

The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway

The HourGlass by Tracy Rees

Bookshelves are at a critical overloaded stage again! Oops haha!!  So at least I am being restrained and not buying anymore …. at the moment at least!!


5 books read this week – 3 of which were 5 star rated!  Always a good bookish week when you stumble across some stunning stories!  Click on the headings if you want to read my GoodReads reviews!

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel   5

Amazon UK


The WitchFinder’s Sister by Beth Underdown   5

Amazon UK


The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull   5

Amazon UK

A Life Discarded by Alexander Masters  3

Amazon UK

The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway  3

Amazon UK

And that just about wraps things up!!  And is the TBR pile a little more under control now that those are off the pile??!! Of course not!!  It is just getting more difficult deciding what to read next!!!  


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