#20BooksOfSummer – done and dusted!

It is the 3rd September! And my Summer of taking part in the fabulous #20booksofsummer hosted by the lovely Cathy at 746 Books has come to an end! And I’m happy to report that my quest to read 20 books over the Summer period has been a success!!  Wahoo!! Yay me!!  Sounds like an excuse to go book shopping and treat myself to a book or two as a reward!! Like I need an excuse anyway, but I’ll use it!!!

The books I chose to read this year were those on my Kindle as I do have a tendency to hoard an e-book or a hundred, and I found this a great way to get through some of those I’d forgotten about alongside others I’d been approved for via NetGalley and that helped me keep on top of reviews there too!  Win Win situation!!

So here’s a little summary of all the books that I got through over the past couple of months – click on the title if you’d like to see my GoodReads review!

The Ice by Laline Paull – 3 stars

Esteemed Vampire Cat by Tyrolin Puxty – 5 stars

Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore  – 4 stars

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison  –  4 stars

Up Close by Henriette Gyland  –  5 stars

Impossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives  –  2 stars

After I’ve Gone by Linda Green  –  3 stars

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig  –  3 stars

House.Tree.Person by Catriona McPherson  –  4 stars

A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall  –  5 stars

Finding Secrets by Lauren Westwood  –  4 stars

The Butterfly Storm by Kate Frost  –  2 stars

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings by Wendy Holden  – 2 stars

Mist & Whispers by C.M.Lucas  –  3 stars

Girl Reading by Katie Ward  –  3 stars


Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis  –  2 stars

Flutter by Olivia Evans  –  3 stars

Yesterday by Felicia Yap  –  3 stars

Cutting Back by Leslie Buck  –  4 stars

The Scandal by Fredrik Backman  –  5 stars

And there we have it!!  May have found 2 of my favourite books of 2017 already by taking part in this so am very grateful for that alone!! And with 20 less books now on my TBR pile I feel I can approach the remaining – insert obscene number of books piled up around the house – with more confidence and hope that they throw up some more fascinating stories like those I’ve uncovered over the Summer of 2017!  Roll on the #20booksofsummer2018!!



6 thoughts on “#20BooksOfSummer – done and dusted!

  1. While I did read a few books I’d been meaning to get to for 20 Books of Summer, I now have SO many more I want to add to my TBR! The Butterfly Garden looks amazing, as does Up Close. I’m sorry you were disappointed by Impossible Views of the World – that was one I was looking forward to as well.


    • thank you! always the problem reading through others lists isn’t it – adding to your own lol!! You might enjoy Impossible Views if you get round to it! I was looking forward to it as well but it did nothing for me! 🙂


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