Mini Reads Monday

Hello all!  Having just finished New World Fairy Tales by Cassandra Parkin which is just around 150 pages long – or should that be short?! – it left me thinking of other shorter books out there for you to dip into, when you aren’t feeling brave enough to dive into a ‘chunkster’ of a book, or if you are just looking for a quicker way to increase your ‘books read’ total!  There are some great ‘little stories’ out there for when you are pushed for time so I thought I’d share some of my favourites that I’ve just found on my bookshelves!

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

At around 83 pages long, I doubt there are very few people who haven’t delighted in reading this little magical tale! One of those that can be read over and over!!

I read very little poetry, but this collection – 96 pages – is a stunning mix of poems about nature and the british landscape which are also beautiful to look at as well as to read!

This one is 153 pages long, and looks intensely at a friendship between 2 boys over time and how a horrific event destroys families and the innocence of those involved. It is a very powerful novel and well worth picking up!

If you like your books dark and twisted, then look no further!! This is just under 200 pages and is one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read – and I loved it!!  Not for the faint hearted!! But blooming wonderful all the same!!

Another shorty at 176 pages, this is a gothic story of book collecting, mutilation and madness!! What a mix!  It’s a really creepy read but had me enthralled from start to finish!

Another messed up story  – is it me reading too many weird books, or are shorter stories more likely to be on the ‘dark side’?! – and a fabulous shorter read too at 183 pages long.  It is a disturbing read and deals with some difficult topics but is compelling.

This is a much lighter read than some of the others, and at around the 200 pages mark, it is an easy read as you follow Samuel as he finds happiness in the smaller things in life. Set in Japan, it is a beautiful, uplifting little book!

This is a fun, surreal read – at just under 200 pages – that follows 92 year old Marian as she is placed in an institution by her ungrateful family.  The other residents at the home though are far from quiet and normal, and this had me chuckling with their weird and wonderful antics!
So there’s a little look at some of the quick reads on my shelves. I’m sure there’s more for me to find when I have a proper tidy up soon so this feature might return!
Do you have any favourite shorter reads? Would love to hear some more recommendations!! And the bonus is they take up very little room on shelves so you can fit more of them on!!

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