Mini Reads Monday #2

I have returned!! With more little books full of big stories that you might be interested in reading if you only have a short amount of time – or a short attention span!!!  With many books nowadays part of a series, or huge doorsteps in size, it is always nice to find a fabulous story in a tiny package!! 

So I’ve rummaged through my bookshelves again and here’s a little look at some of my favourite ‘mini reads’!!

The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I am by Kjersti A. Skomsvold

This is a lovely but often heartbreaking read of a lonely old lady looking to make an impression in the world – even if it is a little too late and doesn’t seem to have the impact on Mathea that she desired.  Just 147 pages long.

Blue Dog by Louis de Bernieres

144 pages long and a beautiful story of a boy and his dog as they deal with tragedy in their life, and go and spend time with their grandfather in the outback.  

This creepy novella is only 110 pages long but that is all it needs to transport you to a dark place and a perfect little read for those dark autumnal evenings!!

Just 92 pages in this one, and it is a very simple story of a one way conversation between 2 people in a library!  A really interesting little book!

This is a very Zen book!  It is only 140 pages but is such a pleasant reading experience despite the fact that very little happens! It’s the story of a couple and a cat who visits them! Simplicity is often the best way!!

This was a beautiful little book inside and out! Just 128 pages tells the story of the lonely postman who occasionally opens up some of the letters he has to post to find out more about those he delivers to.  That does sound a little creepy, but he has a pure heart and his actions are done in innocence and I loved this from start to finish!

A recent addition to my bookshelves courtesy of MothBox Books, this is another 128 page book that tells the story of a family through the eyes of a young girl. All the struggles that entails with a hint of fairytales and some simple illustrations – they all combine to bring her story to life.

a short story collection over 192 pages, these stories are full of thoughtful observations in a manner of different settings and styles.

This light novella is the perfect summer read, set in the beautiful gardens near Florence.  
So a few more ‘littlies’ for you to consider if you are ever looking to bump up your reading total, or just to escape for an evening!! Any catch your eye?!  Any to recommend to me?!  Hope you’ve enjoyed browsing the smaller side of my bookshelves!!

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