My 2018 Reading Intentions!

I’ve seen a few of these posts in the last few days and it has inspired me to ‘try’ and organise myself on the reading front and see what I have to look forward to in 2018, and see if I can enjoy another fabulous reading year! At the time of typing I have managed to read 207 books throughout 2017 – with 3 looking like they might be finished by the time the year comes to an end – and I didn’t plan on reading that many at the start of the year! I had set my target at 150, but numbers have never been that important to me so if it wasn’t for GoodReads keeping track I’d be none the wiser!!  I do find that if you end up just concentrating on numbers then it takes away the enjoyment from reading – it isn’t a race!!! We’re not competing in the reading olympics, and I have just found this year that the more I read, the quicker I become at reading!  And not all books are 600 + page chunksters, some have been audio books, short story collections and graphic novels, and I have found mixing things up this way has really helped me avoid too many of those ‘reading slump’ spells that we all fear!!

So how can I improve my reading for 2018?! Erm, I can’t!! But I am hoping to be a little more organised! I have found this year that I have jotted down notes in a number of notebooks – because who can resist a stationery buying spree eh!? – and then I lose track of said notebooks and get myself in a tizzy trying to find all my notes so I can remember who everyone was in a book! So I am hoping to streamline that part of the process in the hope it gives me extra reading time!  I’ve also started to note down release dates and blog tour dates on a separate book calendar so hoping I can remember to keep that up to date and hopefully then seeing a date coming up with a book title on will help guide me in choosing my next reads, and keep track of my reading that way! Have you found a good way to be organised with your reading?! Always happy to receive tips and advice on that front if you’d like to share your hints in the comments!

Reading challenges have become such a fun part of my reading year so I’m looking forward to finding one or two to take part in again this year! I’m also hoping to set myself a reading challenge – I have 12 Persephone books on my shelves so the plan is (!)  to read one a month!   I always say I’m going to do this with classics but it has never taken off for me, so hopefully this will give me the kick in the butt I need to start going through those books that I have on my shelves looking ‘pretty’! Pretty books need to be read too!!!  

I think my GoodReads number will be set at 150 again and I’d be lost without this resource as I use it for noting down my reviews before adding them to my Blog or review sites.  I found a little notebook the other day that I used to use for noting down books I’d read, but it only had a comment ‘really enjoyed it’, ‘funny’, ‘good’ etc by the side of it so the majority of them I could hardly remember reading!  Yes my memory really is that bad!  Even then when I looked at the blurb of the books I had very little recollection of the book, so I’m thankful for GoodReads for helping me add a little more to each review to help jog my poor old memory bank!  

Trying not to request books on NetGalley, Twitter and all those other evil sites where ARC’s are available, is going to be something else I need to try and ‘moderate’!  I do think it is the fault of the publishers for releasing so many books that sound amazing, but I think I need to be more selective – I know I WANT  to read ALL THE BOOKS but I just can’t!  Thankfully I think I know the genres and subjects that I enjoy now so that helps me narrow it down a lot, but I just need to stop being like a kid in a sweet shop and show some restraint! 

And that goes for buying books too! I know I say the same every year and usually fail by 2nd January, but I think I have become a little more responsible on the book buying front! I will wait longer now before having to have a copy of whatever book has taken my fancy, and I still have a squillion (actual amount!) of unread books sitting on my bookshelves waiting for me to read them and I do feel guilty when I look at them sitting there unread!  So I will be good in 2018……… 

As always I’d like to reduce my procastinating!! And the internet is  a great big swallower of time for me!! But it’s also the best place to find out all the bookish news so it isn’t going to be easy!!  I’ve tried listening to audio books whilst I’m surfing online but find my mind wanders so I end up not listening and only concentrating on the web, so can only really listen to audio books while I’m doing cross-stitch or playing silly games – Fishdom is my current downfall! – so I must find ways of finding out bookish news without having to surf the interweb!!

So we will see how things go with my intentions!  Do you have any plans to help you with your reading year?! It has been fascinating to read how other people approach their outlook on reading so if you’ve done a post on this then feel free to link it below in the comments for me to go and be nosey at!!


5 thoughts on “My 2018 Reading Intentions!

  1. Wow. That’s such a lot of books. I’ve read more this year than ever before and ‘only’ managed 64 but that’s amazing for me. Hopefully I’ll manage something similar next year.

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    • 64 is an amazing amount so well done to you! It has just been a freaky year here for me so don’t think i’ll be repeating this years efforts lol! Just as long as we keep finding books we enjoy reading, that’s the main thing!!


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