Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Goals for 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme now hosted by  and I thought it was about time I took part to try and focus my reading a little more!!

So here’s my Top Ten of how I hope my reading will go over the year!

1. Cut back on buying books

Yep easier said than done I know!  But as I constantly seem to be decluttering at the moment to release shelf space on the overcrowded bookshelves, I think the time has come where I need to reign in the buying a little…

2.  Stop wasting time online

I know it is where we go to find out bookish news online and read fabulous blogs, but I do find myself often wasting time scrolling through stuff when I could be reading!  Time to turn off the Wi-Fi me thinks!!

3.  Get my NetGalley shelf under control

Despite not visiting there very often anymore – honest! – I seem to have a number of unread books on my Kindle that have been there for sometime, so I need to get through those as I was so eager to read them when I downloaded them to begin with!

4.  Organise my bookshelves

They seem a little – ok a lot! – random at the moment in how I organise them and signed books are mixed in with a variety of copies so I’d just like there to be a little more order and to make it easier for me to find things when I’m looking for a certain book!

5.  Organise the Kindle

Not sure if you do the same as me, but there are a lot of freebies that I’ve downloaded over the years hoping to get round to and that sounded interesting reads, but once they are on my Kindle I seem to forget about them!  So I’d like to make a list of the ones I have and start planning on reading even just one a month would do!  

6.  Take part in more Tags

I don’t often take part as I never know the best place to look for Tags that are doing the rounds, and then I’m never organised enough to get a post up in time! So I need to search out more organised bloggers than I and see what I can join in with as they’re so much fun to read and join in with!

7.  Stop losing notebooks

Whenever I read books for review I often have a notebook by my side to jot down notes on characters/plots etc as I’m rubbish at remembering what is going on half the time! But then I do have a tendency to misplace a notebook that I’m using and thus lose all the notes! 

8.  Organise my Blog

Happy to admit that I’m not the most competent when it comes to computers, so my Blog has been put together with no real planning – or clue what I’m doing! – so I’d like to learn better ways of presenting things as it often looks messy and hopefully streamline the whole operation!

9.  Complete my reading challenges

Doing well so far with my ‘Year of Persephone’ reading challenge so hoping that continues!  Also making good progress with my GoodReads Challenges so hope I can remain committed and the dreaded reading slump doesn’t strike!

10. Carry on enjoying reading

I often think that when we review books and have blogs, reading often becomes a chore!  So I’m hoping that I can remember why I read in the first place, to keep finding books that I love and become emotionally attached to and not to ever get in that zone of feeling that I’m just reading for the sake of reading and keeping up with reviews

Seems like a possible list of targets….. I hope!!  Fingers crossed I can stick to them all! 



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