Twin Truths by Shelan Rodger #BlogTour #BookReview

Extremely delighted to be part of this Blog Tour today arranged by The Dome Press and to be able to share my thoughts and a little bit more information about this book that I struggled to put down once I’d started! Having read, and thoroughly enjoyed,  The Yellow Room  from this author previously, I was intrigued to pick this new book up from her, and I haven’t been disappointed! It’s another highly polished and stunning read.


What is the truth? And how do you recognise it when you hear it? Jenny and Pippa are twins. Like many twins they often know what the other is thinking. They complete each other. When Pippa disappears Jenny is left to face the world alone, as she tries to find out what happened to her ‘other half.’ But the truth, for Jenny, can be a slippery thing.

“Provocative, unsettling and beautifully written, this clever story is instantly involving and utterly intriguing. Twin Truths kept me thinking long after I’d finished it. I highly recommend this book, but I’m not giving my copy away!”
Janet Ellis, author of The Butcher’s Hook

“I find myself rereading passages in Twin Truths because the writing is so beautiful and the imagery superb! Stunning book.”
Elizabeth Forbes, author of Nearest Thing To Crazy

“| could literally swim in the writing. So beautiful and so controlled.”
Amanda Jennings, author of In Her Wake

“Achingly sexy, cosmopolitan, revelatory, disturbing and real. Shelan Rodger takes us through love, loss and madness in a debut that is rich in character and storytelling.”
Aidan Hartley, author of The Zanzibar Chest

Published by The Dome Press

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Shelan’s life is a patchwork of different cultures. Born in Nigeria, she grew up among the Tiwi, an aboriginal community in Australia, and moved to England at the age of eleven. After graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford, she travelled to Argentina, where she spent nine years teaching and setting up a language school. Another chapter in England was followed by six years in Kenya, where she got involved in learning and development, with an emphasis on anti-discrimination. She now lives in Spain, working in international education – and writing.


What a riveting read!! Another one of those books that I couldn’t put down once I’d picked it up as it keeps you guessing from first page to last!

Jenny and Pippa are twins. They are extremely close so when Pippa disappears, Jenny is left to face the world alone and wants to find out the truth of what happened to her sister, to make sense of her place in the world.

The story is told in 3 parts – Part One is set in Argentina where Jenny is teaching english to businessmen and you really get the sense she likes being unknown in a foreign country. She has friends there but they know very little, if anything, of her past and that is how she likes it. She is even evasive when seeing her psychologist, Ignacio, and he finds her an intriguing character to see and finds himself thinking of her even when he’s not scheduled to meet her.

In Part Two, we get the story from the point of view of Pippa and is their story as children and this is when you get to really get a look at the characters. Jenny was the rebel and went off the rails, whereas Pippa found solace in books and was a total swot. Such an interesting outlook on things they went through, how they differed as personalities and how their lives took them on different journeys and how experiences they had shaped them and made them who they are.

And in Part Three the story reveals things I’d never even considered and this made the impact of this book even more astonishing for me as a reader!

There are dark undertones throughout this book, and the short snappy chapters really helped the repercussions hit home and I found that the author had such a confident style of writing within this book. There are disturbing and difficult subjects discussed but they were dealt with sensitively and I was thoroughly gripped by the drama and emotions throughout.



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