My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – Week 13 2018

Hello and Happy Easter from Archie the bunny and I!  I hope you are enjoying the holidays, eating lots of chocolate, hiding from the rain and reading lots of books!  Sounds like my plan for the next few days at least!

A pretty productive week on the book reading front – 4 books finished, one of which was an audiobook – so another little space has cleared on the bookshelves! And the postman has been much happier this week with very little bookpost – just the 2 added this week and I’ve avoided NetGalley and all those other wonderful/evil sites that normally tempt me! Wonder if I’ll weaken over the Easter holidays?!


Too Close To Breathe by Olivia Kiernan –  4 stars

stunning crime thriller, publication date 5th April 2018

THE VICTORIAN CHAISE-LONGUE by Marghanita Laski –  4 stars

an intriguing little – just 99 pages – book about a woman who finds herself waking up in the body of someone else 90 years previous!

The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young  –  3 stars

listened to this on audiobook and it was a sweet listen, all about life on  a farm and the characters of the animals

Days of Wonder by Keith Stuart – 5 stars

Publication Date 7th June 2018

A wonderful tale from the author of  A Boy Made of Blocks, about the bond between a father and daughter facing an uncertain future.


Just the two newbies this week from lovely publishers, ahead of a blog tour and publication date!

PAPER GHOSTS by Julia Heaberlin

publication date May 15th 2018

Carl Louis Feldman is an old man who was once a celebrated photographer.

That was before he was tried for the murder of a young woman and acquitted.

Before his admission to a care home for dementia

Now his daughter has come to see him, to take him on a trip.

Only she’s not his daughter and, if she has her way, he’s not coming back . . .

Because Carl’s past has finally caught up with him. The young woman driving the car is convinced her passenger is guilty, and that he’s killed other young women. Including her sister Rachel.

Now they’re following the trail of his photographs, his clues, his alleged crimes. To see if he remembers any of it. Confesses to any of it. To discover what really happened to Rachel.

Has Carl truly forgotten what he did or is he just pretending? Perhaps he’s guilty of nothing and she’s the liar.

Either way in driving him into the Texan wilderness she’s taking a terrible risk.

For if Carl really is a serial killer, she’s alone in the most dangerous place of all . . .



Martin, a hapless journalist on a weekly financial magazine, sees his life take a nosedive with the arrival of Tom de Lacy, a well-heeled reporter who grabs the limelight, not to mention the well-paid industrial correspondent’s job that he has his eye on.

He does his level best to sabotage Tom’s career, only to see his rival land a plum job in television.

But watching his rival’s success while his life disintegrates makes Martin a desperate fellow. Falling on hard times can be murder, and in certain circumstances could even give rise to it.

So when Martin gets a scoop on a major corporate scandal, he just has to grab the opportunity with both hands. He sees it as not only his turn to shine, but his duty



Just one on the go at this moment as I’m in the process of ‘sorting’ the pile of books scattered around the house, and on the Kindle, to try and make it a little more organised!

The Wildflowers by Harriet Evans

Publication Date 5th April 2018

Tony and Althea Wilde. Glamorous, argumentative … adulterous to the core.

They were my parents, actors known by everyone. They gave our lives love and colour in a house by the sea – the house that sheltered my orphaned father when he was a boy.

But the summer Mads arrived changed everything. She too had been abandoned and my father understood why. We Wildflowers took her in.

My father was my hero, he gave us a golden childhood, but the past was always going to catch up with him … it comes for us all, sooner or later.

This is my story. I am Cordelia Wilde. A singer without a voice. A daughter without a father. Let me take you inside.


Hope you have had a lovely reading week!


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