My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up Week 19 2018

Hello all!!  A late catch up for me this weekend – does anyone else find that the sight of blue skies and sunshine gets in the way of blogging?!  Thankfully sunshine also means that reading outdoors is the done thing so that has helped push my reading figures up this week….. 6 books finished and 1 DNF’d!  That was an audio book and was doing nothing for me so I walked away! (Disclaimer by Renee Knight was the book in case you are interested!) Something I’m getting better at doing as there was a time that I pushed myself to finish everything I started!! Silly me!!

So here’s a run down of books finished – click on the title for links to GoodReads – my current reads, and books I may have picked up along the way these past 7 days!


Summer at the Art Cafe by Sue McDonagh   – 4 stars

The Cactus by Sarah Haywood  –  3 stars

The Illumination of Ursula Flight by Anna-Marie Crowhurst  – 5 stars

The Old You by Louise Voss  – 4 stars

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski  – 4 stars

Moonbeams in a Jar by Christine Stovell  – 4 stars


This week I received my first Ninja Book Box, and I’m hoping to do an unboxing post of that here sometime this week so watch out for that!

I also was lucky to have been sent a copy of this fun looking book!

 The Biggest Idea in the World by David Joland

Meet Barry, a deluded Uber driver, saddled with debt and a wife who hates him.
Convinced he’s a genius, and that Facebook, Tripadvisor – and just about every other internet giant – were all his ideas, he’s determined not to lose out with his latest brainwave by taking it to Silicon Valley himself.
Leaving London with a suitcase full of Non-Disclosure Agreements and a head full of dreams, Barry’s confident he’s done everything possible to protect his idea and make his billions.

He pitches to deal-crazed bankers, greedy funders, geek-techies – and a shop assistant whose partner’s a conman.
All of them want Barry’s idea. All of them want to cut him out.
His one savior could be Mickey Roughton, the world famous movie producer who’s in town to promote his latest blockbuster.
What starts off as a helping-hand turns to disaster when Barry’s idea is broadcast on national TV allowing anyone to steal it – and everyone does. It looks like his unblemished record of disasters remains intact, until slowly the details of his master plan unfold revealing what could be the greatest scam to hit the Valley.

And then whilst out browsing in a charity shop this book caught my eye! And I couldn’t say no for £1!

The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins

An eminent doctor is visited by a desperate woman with a question: am I evil, or insane?

When an Italian servant stops sending letters to his wife in London, she is convinced he has been murdered.

In the darkened bedroom of a mouldering palazzo by the Grand Canal, an English lord sickens and suddenly dies.

How are these little mysteries connected? Spend the night in Room 14 of Venice’s finest hotel, and find out the truth – if you dare…

ooh and I may have taken a peek at NetGalley this week and was happy to get approved for this title..

The Book of M by Peng Shepherd

A vivid, touching and original debut, following the effects of an extraordinary catastrophe on very ordinary people.In the middle of a market in India, a man’s shadow disappears. As rolling twenty-four-hour news coverage tries to explain the event, more cases are discovered. The phenomenon spreads like a plague as people learn the true cost of their lost part: their memories.Two years later, Ory and his wife Max have escaped ‘the Forgetting’ by hiding in an abandoned hotel deep in the woods in Virgina. They have settled into their new reality, until Max, too, loses her shadow.Knowing the more she forgets, the more dangerous she will become to the person most precious to her, Max runs away. But Ory refuses to give up what little time they have left before she loses her memory completely, and desperately follows her trail.

On their separate journeys, each searches for answers: for Ory, about love, about survival, about hope; and for Max, about a mysterious new force growing in the south that may hold the cure. But neither could have guessed at what you gain when you lose your shadow: the power of magic.

A breathtakingly imaginative, timeless story that explores fundamental questions about memory and love—the price of forgetting, the power of connection, and what it means to be human when your world is turned upside down.


Just two on the go at the moment..

The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill

Bookworm by Lucy Mangan


Hope your week has been as good! Here’s to another wonderful – and hopefully sunny! – bookish week ahead!



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