My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – Week 34 2018

Hello!! Happy September!! How has that happened?! Spotted any Christmas decorations out and about yet?! A local garden centre has already opened their Christmas department…. so scary!!Been a lovely week which included a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and thankfully the weather was rather lovely so that meant I got to visit one of my favourite gardens at Ulting Wick, which was open for the NGS Open Garden scheme. Gorgeous gardens, tea and yummy cake (lemon & lavender!) …. that’s all I need for a happy day out!!

And on the book front things have picked up a little too after a slight dip last week! Managed to finish 3 books, had a little NetGalley clicking spree (oops!) and currently have 4 books on the go! Never a dull moment when there are books to be read!  So here’s a quick look back at my bookish week! Slightly behind on reviews so click on the titles for a link to the GoodReads blurbs!


The Lion Tamer Who Lost by Louise Beech  – 5 stars

File this under books that made me cry! Beautiful!! Full review to follow on Blog Tour at the end of September!

Street Cat Blues by Alison O’Leary  – 4 stars

A crime solving cat with attitude! Such a fun read!

The Map Of Us by Jules Preston  – 4 stars

A quirky, original novel that I really enjoyed!


Netgalley is evil and can never be ‘browsed’ unless you are under close supervision! Will I ever learn?! Nope!!

The Warning by Kathryn Croft

Publication Date – 12th October 2018

St Paul’s Labyrinth by Jeroem Windmeijer

Bird, Bath and Beyond by E.J Copperman

And I kept the postie happy (!) by only having 2 books delivered by snail mail this week

Killing Hapless Ally by Anna Vaught

This is the September choice for the Ninja BookBox Book Club

None So Blind by Alis Hawkins

publisher – The Dome Press

out 15th November 2018 

Received this from the publisher ahead of a Blog Tour


Baxter’s Requiem by Matthew Crow

Palladian by Elizabeth Taylor

 Folk by Zoe Gilbert  – audiobook

Daisy Belle by Caitlin Davies


How has your bookish week looked?! Hope it has been a good one!


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