#CoverReveals Here Comes The Best Man & The Wedding Reject Table by Angela Britnell @ChocLituk @AngelaBritnell


Not one but TWO new covers to share with you today!! The lovely folk at Choc Lit have given two of Angela Britnells’ covers a brand spanking new look!! And it is my honour to get to share them with you today!!
So let’s just get on with it shall we?!!  Covers first, followed by the  blurbs and purchase links!


 Here Comes the Best Man:

Being the best man is a lot to live up to โ€ฆ

When troubled army veteran and musician Josh Robertson returns home to Nashville to be the best man at his younger brother Chadโ€™s wedding heโ€™s just sure that heโ€™s going to mess it all up somehow. 

But when it becomes clear that the wedding might not be going to plan, itโ€™s up to Josh and fellow guest Louise Giles to make sure that Chad and his wife-to-be Maggie get their perfect day. 

Can Josh be the best man his brother needs? And is there somebody else who is beginning to realise that Josh could be her โ€˜best manโ€™ too?

Purchase Link –ย Amazon UK


The Wedding Reject Table:

Once on the reject table, always on the reject table?

When Maggie Taylor, a cake decorator, and Chad Robertson, a lawyer from Nashville Tennessee, meet at a wedding in Cornwall itโ€™s not under the best circumstances.
They have both been assigned to โ€˜the reject tableโ€™, alongside a toxic collection of grumpy great aunts, bitter divorcees and stuffy organists.
Maggie has grown used to being the reject, although when Chad helps her out of a wedding cake disaster she begins to wonder whether the future could hold more for her.
But will Chad be strong enough to deal with the other problems in Maggieโ€™s life? Because a ruined cake isnโ€™t the only issue she has โ€“ not by a long shot. 

Purchase Link – Amazon UK


I can’t decide which one I love more! Just so pretty!!! And if you’ve not read either book before then I can highly recommend them! Happy reading!!


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