#BookReview Burn by Hannah Pearl #publicationday @RubyFiction

About the book

There’s no smoke without fire …

Jess has always held a candle for Dex – so when he comes back into her life after a school reunion, she couldn’t be happier.

But something happened to Dex before he mysteriously left the area all those years before – something that still gives him terrible nightmares and makes him seem cold and distant.

And then there are the rumours – rumours that Jess can’t bring herself to believe. But when the truth finally comes out, can Jess be the one to help Dex fight the demons from his past before they consume him completely?

Published by Ruby Fiction

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I found this to be a fascinating darker read – dealing with a very difficult subject but showing just how the consequences of the actions of others can affect you and those around you, and just how the act of time can give you the strength to fight an injustice.

When a group of people are back at their old school to raise funds for rebuilding it after a fire, they can’t help but reminisce about the ‘old days’ especially when they see many faces from the past! Jess and her friends also notice Dexter there, who left under strange circumstances so she can’t resist the chance to reconnect with him and try and find out what he’s been up to – and just what happened to him before he left the school.

As they reconnect she notices that he’s not the same kind of personality as she remembers, and when he starts having nightmares when they are back together she just wants to try and help him get over whatever has triggered these feelings. 

As he’s been dealing with these things by himself for so long, he’s reluctant to have someone come in and ‘fix’ him, but it’s nice to see how supportive Jess is to him and the severity of what happened in the past is just something he needs to let others help him with.

I enjoyed how this book deals with a very difficult but relevant subject.  It puts to the front the question of  ‘who do you believe’ and people being taken advantage of by others who are in a  position of power and handles things in a sensitive and dignified manner.  Dex begins to see the importance of sharing and opening up to others and how the rumour mill affected how people saw him. Jess is also a really cool character as she remains level headed and pragmatic in her approach to helping her friend.  

A smart and thought provoking read!



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