My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – 3rd August 2019 #bookblogger

Hello! Happy Weekend!!  I’ve had plants on my mind this week as we paid a visit to the local big flower show and may have left with 12 new plants – which I’m still trying to find gaps for in the garden!! I fear the lawn may have to shrink again so I can fit them all in!!

So I’ve not been full on bookish this week! Shock horror!  I seem to have been fidgety and not been spending my time reading which hasn’t helped the TBR mountain of doom that seems  to tower over me – both physically and digitally! BUT the good news is that I avoided NetGalley all week so at least I’ve not added anymore to that shelf! Did manage to finish 2 books and 4 new books (2 for blog tour reviews/2 I treated myself to!) have made their way into my life!

Here’s my look back!


A Chain Across the Dawn by Drew Williams  – 4 stars

Really enjoyed this! I need to read book one in the series! Full review to follow on Blog Tour!

Tinderbox by Megan Dunn – 4 stars

Really enjoyable non -fiction that has me itching to read Fahrenheit 451!


Treated myself over at Dead Ink to these two.


Written in first person and following a reverse chronology which subverts the typical illness story, Please Read This Leaflet Carefully follows Laura Fjellstad in her struggles to live a normal life. Having been diagnosed with severe endometriosis in her twenties, she believes that the only way to survive her painful and debilitating illness is to be completely self reliant. In between doctors’ appointments and in and out of hospitals, Laura confronts single parenting after her divorce, leading a life her own teenage self would be in awe of.

To be devoured intensely in one sitting, Please Read This Leaflet Carefully is a heart warming debut novel with bracing emotional insights and piercing descriptions of pain that linger in one’s mind long after the last page. It is also a beguiling meditation on relationships, motherhood, menopause, sexuality, pain and a woman’s life journey to come to terms with her own body.


The heatwave of 1976. Following the accidental drowning of her sister, sixteen-year-old Nif and her family move to a small village on the Welsh borders to escape their grief. But rural seclusion doesn’t bring any relief. As her family unravels, Nif begins to put together her own form of witchcraft – collecting talismans from the sun-starved land. That is, until she meets Mally, a teen boy who takes a keen interest in her, and has his own secret rites to divulge. Reminiscent of the suspense of Shirley Jackson and soaked in the folk horror of the British landscape, Water Shall Refuse Them is an atmospheric coming-of-age novel and a thrilling debut.

A TAPESTRY OF TREASON by ANNE O’BRIEN copy for review ahead of blog tour

publication date – 22nd August 2019

Her actions could make history – but at what price? 
1399: Constance of York, Lady Despenser, proves herself more than a mere observer in the devious intrigues of her magnificently dysfunctional family, The House of York.

Surrounded by power-hungry men, including her aggressively self-centred husband Thomas and ruthless siblings Edward and Richard, Constance places herself at the heart of two treasonous plots against King Henry IV.  Will it be possible for this Plantagenet family to safeguard its own political power by restoring either King Richard II to the throne, or the precarious Mortimer claimant?
Although the execution of these conspiracies will place them all in jeopardy, Constance is not deterred, even when the cost of her ambition threatens to overwhelm her.  Even when it endangers her new-found happiness.

With treason, tragedy, heartbreak and betrayal, this is the story of a woman ahead of her time, fighting for herself and what she believes to be right in a world of men.

FLORA AIR by JANICE CAIRNS copy for review ahead of Blog Tour

Flora Air is passionate about writing and she dreams of becoming an author, but she’s in a fog with her mundane day job. She meets a charismatic professor who nurtures her writing and suddenly her dreams seem possible. A touch of magic at the professor’s home adds old-fashioned charm and enchantment to Flora’s writing journey. When she realises she loves the married professor, her journey takes a wild turn. Can Flora actually succeed in becoming an author? What happens to the love Flora Air feels for the professor?


Ducks, NewburyPort by Lucy Ellmann

Only 1,000 pages short! No wonder I can’t seem to focus on anything else at the moment! Reading this for my #20BooksOfSummer challenge and think this maybe should count for 4 or 5 books and not just 1 haha!


How has your bookish week been?! Been good and avoided buying anything?! Or gone nuts and bought ALL THE BOOKS!? Would love to hear!



6 thoughts on “My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – 3rd August 2019 #bookblogger

    • So far so good! It has taken a while to get used to there being no real breaks so I’m having to stop every few pages to process it all, but it’s very clever. Wondering if the novelty will have worn off by halfway lol!


      • Here’s hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off!

        I see you’re on the blog tour for A Tapestry of Treason. I responded to their blogger newsletter requesting a place on the tour as I already have an ARC of the book via NetGalley. It’s the first time I’ve got involved direct so when should I expect to know if I’ve got a slot? Do you already know your date?

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