My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – 10th November 2019 #bookblogger

Hello!  A week of sunshine and showers! And the big coat is out and in use! Time to hibernate!!

And it’s been a good start to my Non Fiction November with 4 books read this week – and NONE bought!!! And i’ve only been tempted by Netgalley once as I try to get that all under control so maybe I’m now finally becoming a more responsible book shopper/collector/hoarder!! Nope, I don’t believe that either!

So here’s a quick look back at my week!


Woods: A Celebration by Robert Penn – 4 stars

The Way To The Sea by Caroline Crampton  – 4 stars

Landfill by Tim Dee  – 4 stars

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold  – 5 stars


Just one visit to Netgalley this week..


published by Bookouture

Publication date – January 2020

You’ve met Mrs Bright. She’s that nice woman who lives three doors down and always smiles at you in the mornings. She’s planning her thirtieth wedding anniversary with her husband. She wants to travel, read endless books and take beautiful pictures. She’s been waiting for this forever.

For the past twenty-nine years, Kay Bright’s days have had a familiar rhythm: she works in her husband’s stationery shop, cooks for her family, tries to remember to practice yoga, and every other month she writes to her best friend, Ursula, and Ursula replies. Kay could set her calendar by their letters: her heart lifts when the blue airmail envelope, addressed in Ursula’s slanting handwriting, falls gently onto the mat.

Ursula is the only one who knows Kay’s deepest secret, something that happened decades ago that could tear Kay’s life apart today. Ursula has always been the person Kay relies on. Knowing she will hear from Ursula is like being sure the sun will rise tomorrow.

And now Ursula has stopped writing. Three missing letters doesn’t sound like a lot, but Kay gets out her shoebox of notes from her best friend, in case there’s something she overlooked. Ursula seems fine, but the further back she goes, the more Kay begins to question every choice she has made in her life. Which might be why, at ten o’clock one morning, Kay walks out of her yellow front door with a just a rucksack, leaving her wedding ring on the table…

An emotional and heart-warming novel for anyone who knows it’s never too late to look for happiness. Fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, A Man Called Ove and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry will fall in love with this feel-good and moving story that shows you that the best friendships truly last forever.


Please Read This Leaflet Carefully by Karen Havelin

The Year After You by Nina de Pass

What’s your bookish week been like?! Any new books I need to be adding to my mountain! Would love to hear about them!


3 thoughts on “My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – 10th November 2019 #bookblogger

  1. I’m trying to resist NetGalley as well, except for books I need to access for blog tours, but it’s hard when publishers are listing enticing looking books for next year. I’m attempting to get all the books I need to read for this month’s blog tours out of the way so I can concentrate on my Nonfiction November reading list. I’ve also given myself a blog tour break in December (well, almost 😀) so I can try to complete at least some of the reading challenges I signed up for so optimistically at the beginning of the year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • the lengths we have to go to and limit ourselves on the book front haha! I’m trying my best to do the same and did have a blog tour break planned for December but emails kept arriving so I’ve found myself signing up for a few! I need to learn to say no more in 2020! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I try to give myself a blog tour break a few times a year, especially times I know I’ll be busy with other things such as holidays or the run-up to Christmas. These days I tend not to host blog tour stops for anything but reviews (or possibly Q&As) because they are my favourite type of posts to read. So a blog tour break for me means a break from having to post reviews on a specific date. That feels good 😀


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