#20BooksOfSummer – It is back!!! I’m in! Are you?? #20BooksOfSummer20

How could I not join in again?! My favourite time of the year is back!! The lovely Cathy over at 746 Books is hosting yet another fabulous 20 (or 10, or 15!) Books of Summer!  There are very few rules! You pick your own TBR, your own target and then from 1st June 2020 – 1st September 2020 your aim is to read those books! What could be more simple?!!

Well, deciding on the list each year is never easy – and then sticking to it is even harder as there’s always new books that tempt me! – but this year I need to shift a few books off the shelves (haha!) so I’ve gone for a mix of 10 books that have been loitering about for quite some time, as well as 10 non fiction books as I always say I want to read more! Well, now is my chance!!  Whether I stick rigidly to the list is another matter……

Here’s my 20! Click on the title for a link to the GoodReads page…

Starting with the Non Fiction pile…

The Last Giants by Levison Wood

A Secret Sisterhood by Emily Midorikawa

Diary of A Modern Country Gardener

Owl Sense by Miriam Darlington

Swimming With Seals by Victoria Whitworth

The Secret Life of Books by Tom Mole

The Otters’ Tale by Simon Cooper

The Way of the Hare by Marianne Taylor

Wally Funks’ Race For Space by Sue Nelson

How To Catch A Mole by Marc Hamer

And now for the Fiction stack…

Fishbowl by Bradley Somer

Women’s Weird; Strange Stories by Women 1890 – 1940

Slade House by David Mitchell

Madeleine is Sleeping by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling

Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson

Sea of Lost Love by Santa Montefiore

Happy Days of the Grump by Tuomas Kyro

A Summer of Drowning by John Burnside

Perfume by Patrick Suskind


So there we have it! I hope to do all 20, there may be some changes, I may lose some sleep….. but it’s all good fun and I can’t wait for June 1st to be here!!



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