#BookReview 10-Minute Crystal Healing by Ann Crane


10-Minute Crystal Healing highlights quick, easy, practical ways to incorporate natural, empowering crystals into your life to promote spiritual balance and protect from physical and psychic negativity.

In this portable guide, you’ll find profiles of each crystal’s natural attributes, legendary power, and holistic benefits as well as its specific energy so it may enhance, heal, or protect you. You’ll learn:

What crystals are, from both a scientific and magical perspectiveHow to choose and care for your crystalsThe importance of chakras and color in spiritual healingHow to work with stones for protection and spiritual healingThe alphabetical sourcebook section with information about the uses and benefits of each crystal listed makes it easy to find the exact crystal you need.

Quickly incorporate natural crystal healing and empowerment into your life with this accessible guide. 








I have only recently started to learn about crystals and I found this book to be an invaluable treasure trove of information and help as I start my crystal journey!
It’s perfectly laid out taking you through various stages of learning about crystals, their uses, how to clean them etc, and also has practical messages of little things you can do to help yourself with various crystals.

I found the history of crystal healing to be so enlightening, along with learning about the chakras and the advice to use a journal to see how you react with different crystals was something I’d not thought about but will be using!

Towards the back of the book there are some really excellent chapters of which crystal to use for various situations you may find yourself in – emotional healing, help making decisions, help with anxiety, dealing with negativity, protecting yourself – and I think this is a book that I will keep referring back to when needed to find the perfect crystal to help me along the way.

Brilliant for newbies to crystals like me and also full of information that delve a little deeper into the whole healing world of crystals. Highly recommended! I’m off to buy more crystals!!


My thanks to Fair Winds Press and Netgalley for the advanced copy of the e-book in return for a fair and honest review.


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