#BlogTour FATE BY DESIGN by M.J. Walsh @Bookollective #Interview #Excerpt

Delighted to be the latest stop on the Blog Tour for FATE BY DESIGN by M J WALSH. My thanks to the team at Bookollective for putting the tour together and letting me be part of it all!
And today I’m happy to share a little interview with the author as well as an exercpt!! I really am spoiling you today!!! Enjoy!!!


A mining town in Britain in 1951. Cassie’s husband Eddie disappears, leaving her to raise their young son. Despite no contact, maintenance payments are made. Cassie returns to work, supported by friends, and tries to build a new life. She is introduced to books and embarks on a journey of self-development and political activism. Trust is a barrier to new relationships – will that ever be resolved? While post war optimism continues, pit closures herald the town’s demise, leaving her decisions to make. The 1960s bring social change and unresolved issues reach a climax with dramatic revelations, concerning identity and fate.  





First off, who is your perfect reader? 
Some one who likes a story where the personal, social and political worlds run in parallel.

What books are on your bedside table? None presently

When you wrote Fate by Design, did you have a writing routine? Yes – I worked for 4-5 hours, starting off reviewing and improving what I had written the previous day then writing new material for 3-4 hours.

Where do you write best? In my home in a quiet room.

Where did your inspiration for Fate by Design come from?
From reading an article then a book on child migration which shocked me.

What are your hopes for reader’s to take away from reading Fate by Design?
Enjoyment and an appreciation of how generous and indeed noble can be some people who experience terrible adversity in their lives.

What are you working on next? Short stories around the theme of exile


The end of section 2 Chapter  VIII ….

As Jim got up from his chair to leave, he turned to her and said, “A while back, I was thinking that I’d like to do that journey – to retrace his footsteps – travelling from this town to his journey’s end on a hillside near Jarama. It would be a sort of homage to my son’s life. But no, I am too old to do anything like that now. Although somehow it feels like it should be done – for Laurie.”

“I will do it someday. I promise,” Cassie responded without hesitation. Jim looked at her and took her hand. “You know, I believe you will,” he said as he walked in slow and unconfident steps, down the garden path leading to the gate onto the footpath. The light was beginning to fade with the outline of the Leidan hills now barely visible. She stood on the doorstep watching an old man, with his dog in tow, struggle home in the drizzling rain with the aid of a walking stick. Taking a slow, deep breath of the air scented with pine, she closed the front door. That was the last time that Cassie saw Jim Reilly.


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