Tamara is going to kill her mother, but she isn’t the villain. Tamara just has to finish what began at her birth and put an end to the damage encoded in her blood. Leaving her job in Communications, Tamara dresses carefully and hires a car, making the trip from London to her hometown in Kent, to visit her mother for the last time. Accompanied by a chorus of ancestors, Tamara is harried by voices from the past and the future that reveal the struggles, joys and secrets of these women’s lives that continue to echo through and impact her own.

The Sound Mirror spans three familial generations from British Occupied India to Southern England, through intimately rendered characters, Heidi James has crafted a haunting and moving examination of class, war, violence, family and shame from the rich details of ordinary lives



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One of those understated books that just makes you sit up, take notice of every single word, emotion and feeling and just admire the way the story was crafted and created! It’s fair to say I adored every page!

As we meet the main character, Tamara, she is on her way to kill her mother … there’s more to this story than meets the eye! And what transpires over the course of the book is Tamara and her story, interwoven with 2 other fascinating women, Claire and Ada. 3 very different women, different eras, different areas and all with very different stories to tell. All those stories and experiences are as captivating, dark, troubling and fascinating as each other.

This is a book that tells the story of women who are undervalued, who are belittled, controlled, constantly being picked apart and shows the damage that creates on their personas. Your heart just aches for the women and the struggles they face on a day to day basis. It was so clear to see that these women were just living life doing what was expected of them, feeling trapped and seemingly forever living this cycle of disappointment.

This was such a clever and unique book . I loved the way the stories linked and how the roles of women are often just taken for granted, no matter what the woman actually wants! It’s an insightful, honest and sobering – it blew me away and I’m already eager to read it again!!



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