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Delighted to be with you today as part of the fantastic Blog Tour for BOTANICAL CURSES AND POISONS by FEZ INKWRIGHT.  My thanks to the publisher, author and Anne of Random Things Tours for letting me be part of it all!
I’ll be featuring my review of Botanical Curses, along with the previous book, FOLK MAGIC, and I hope you’ll enjoy the bonus review too!


Botanical Curses and Poisons The Shadow Lives of Plants by Fez Inkwright 

Discover the fascinating folklore, lurid histories, and malignant properties of toxic plants.
‘If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’, it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.’ – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 

Poisonings are among the most memorable deaths in history, from the Roman Empire to the Medieval era and beyond. Concealed and deliberate, it’s a crime that must be planned in advance. And yet there is a fine line between healing and poisoning – Paracelsus argued that only the dosage matters!
 In Botanical Curses and Poisons, illustrator, author, and folklorist Fez Inkwright returns to archives to uncover the fascinating folklore, lurid histories, and untold stories behind deadly plants, witching herbs and fungi. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this treasury of folklore is packed with insight, lore, and the revealed mysteries of everyday flora! 
Botanical Curses and Poisons is printed in hardcover with metallic foiling, a ribbon bookmark, black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page, and a wealth of folklore, history and poetry about the deadly plants within! From the creator of Folk Magic and Healing (2019).

Published by Liminal Books


Publisher Website


We first need to discuss how stunning this book looks!! It will  stand proudly on any bookshelf on looks alone!! But thankfully the insides are just as stunning and fascinating as the author explores the history of poisonous plants. As a keen gardener myself, I’m always intrigued to learn more about the plants I have in my garden – and reading this book it appears that many of the plants I love in my garden appear in this book! 

I loved how this book explores the superstitions behind the plants along with the use in witchcraft, and how these plants were used in history to kill or poison victims..  Society used to look down on ‘herbalist’ women who would use plants to offer help to those in the community with medical issues – there’s a thin line between kill and cure it seems in some eyes!

This book also features an A-Z of plants that have been viewed and used in these ways – the meanings, the myths and the uses and it was fascinating! As I’ve said before, with so many of these plants already in my garden, I am definitely looking at them through different eyes now -and wanting to add to my ‘poison plant’ collection!!!





Throughout history, plants have played a key and vital role to our existence. Whether as a foodstuff, medicine, building material, or religious aid, the way that we re-purpose and domesticate plants has shaped a core part of the development of human culture. Hedgerows and wild-growing areas are a vital part of our countrysides and, through our codependency, have become ingrained in the myth and lore of humanity. Many of the old wives’ tales about plants were created to spread knowledge of their medicinal and nutritional properties, and many have become entwined with stories of local spirits, deities, and more ancient legends.

Folk Magic and Healing is, ultimately, a collection of many of these beliefs, aiming to inspire a greater appreciation of our wild plants and countrysides.

This stunningly illustrated treasury of the folklore of flora is packed with insight, lore and the revealed mysteries of everyday plants – perfect for gardeners, writers, folklorists, witches and general knowledge buffs alike!

This NEW edition takes Fez Inkwright’s gorgeous self-published book to the next level. Now in hardcover with metallic gold foiling, plus wonderful extra material, gorgeous illuminated letters and a drawing for every single plant illustrated in Fez Inkwright’s amazing style!


Publisher Website


Another stunning book to look at, and another fascinating read as the author explores the healing powers of plants along with their history and those who use them either for protection or charms.

Once again I’ve been spellbound (no pun intended!) by all that I’m learning about the plants included in this book!  As well as the uses of each plant, it also explores how plants were prepared for us, medicinal uses all alongside some lovely black and white illustrations.
Following the A-Z format again so each plant is given time to be explored, I’ve been fascinated to learn about the folklore of many plants that I have in my own garden – such as clover, ivy. daisies, foxgloves, primroses, roses and snowdrops to name but a few – and it is interesting that it gives you a different perspective on these plants that we just take for granted!

It’s a book you can dip in and out of and with the A-Z format, it’s easy to flip to a particular plant you wanted to learn a little bit more about!  It explores the roles that these plants play in our lives whether for magic, healing or darker reasons!


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