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This is a lovely little book that could and should have a big impact. ..Let’s all get rebugging right away! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Meet the intelligent insects, marvellous minibeasts and inspirational invertebrates that help shape our planet – and discover how you can help them help us by rebugging your attitude today!

Remember when there were bugs on your windscreen? Ever wonder where they went? We need to act now if we are to help them survive. Chris Packham, Isabella Tree and George Monbiot are but a few voices championing the rewilding of our world. In Rebugging the Planet, Vicki Hird adds her voice to this chorus, explaining how our planet is headed towards ‘insectageddon’ with a rate of insect extinction eight times faster than that of mammals or birds. Rebugging the Planet gives us crucial information to help all those essential creepy-crawlies flourish once more.

Hird passionately demonstrates how insects and invertebrates are the cornerstone of our global ecosystem. They pollinate plants, feed birds, support and defend our food crops and clean our water systems. They are also beautiful, inventive and economically invaluable – bees, for example, contribute more to the UK economy than the Queen!

Rebugging the Planet shows us small changes we can make to have a big impact on our littlest allies:
Learn how to rebug parks, schools, pavements, verges and other green spaces.Leave your garden to grow a little wild and plant weedkiller-free, wildlife-friendly plants.Take your kids on a minibeast treasure hunt and learn how to build bug palaces.Make bug-friendly choices with your food and support good farming practices. Begin to understand how reducing inequality and poverty will help nature and wildlife too – it’s all connected.

So do your part and start rebugging today! The bees, ants, earthworms, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, ladybirds, snails and slugs will thank you – and our planet will thank you too.








With over 40% of insect species at risk of extinction the time has come for us to pull together and help the little critters out! And this book is the perfect guide and call to arms for us all to get rebugging and all play a part in doing our bit!

The author speaks with tremendous passion for all things creepy crawly, and has been an environmental campaigner for a number of years and is now sharing her thoughts on just how serious the situation is for bugs and humans. Without them we’re screwed!! And she explains why throughout the book which really helps you understand how they all help in their own little ways.

It touches on the staggeringly scary way humans have impacted on the wellbeing of insects and the environment. BUT we have a chance of turning it round and this book has a wealth of ideas and hints on how we can change our attitudes towards insects and instead of reaching for the pest control or screaming ‘eeewwww’ at them, we begin to encourage them and work with them in our spaces – be it a garden, windowbox, park, school grounds…let your children play with worms! Teach them to love them and not fear them!

I’m happy to say that I am a great fan of wildlife in my garden so do all I can to encourage as much in as possible, and this book has introduced me to new ideas and ways of rebugging and rewilding my garden so I’m excited to put some of them into action and has made me more determined to do all I can to keep my garden as wildlife friendly as possible!

The author also shares ways of using less harmful products indoors as well – it all adds up to helping the environment and I found it to be a really enlightening read and will be dipping back in and out to try out more ideas and learn more about these amazing little creatures! There’s lots of information to think about and act on!!

The perfect book for those already interested in wildlife and the environment, or those just setting out to learn some practical ways to help out!


My thanks to the team at Chelsea Green Publishing for the advance reading copy in return for a fair and honest review.




A satirical comedy featuring Christopher Columbus, a tech billionaire, and a global delusion. Mel Winterbourne is the founder of a small, single-issue charity in the obscure field of mapmaking. Its success in achieving modest aims attracts the attention of handsome tech billionaire Joey Talavera, who evicts Mel and hijacks her charity for his own ends: to convince the world that the earth is flat. Although his chances of doing so seem slim, Flat Earthery is an idea whose time has come. With the historical reputation of Christopher Columbus in free-fall, old-style ‘globularism’ becomes heretical for a new generation of angry, anti-Establishment free-thinkers. Teachers, politicians, and celebrities face ruin if they refuse to sign up to the new orthodoxy. For Mel, something must be done. Teaming up with a pariah tabloid journalist and a faded writer of gross-out movie comedies, she sets out to challenge Talavera and his deranged beliefs. Will history and the billionaire’s own family origins be their unexpected ally? Using his trademark mix of history and satire to poke fun at modern foibles, Simon Edge is at his razor-sharp best in a caper that may be much more relevant than you think.




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This was the perfect ‘light’ relief read that I needed in this crazy world we live in right now! Although it has now made me even more determined never to believe anything I read on the internet as it shows how easy it can be to peddle lies and misinform the public to suit your own needs!! Trust nobody!!!

Who knew a map making charity could be the start of misinformation?! Mel has been running the charity campaign for years and has achieved all that she set out to, so what next for the charity? Well, tech billionaire Joey has a few ideas of his own and wants to use the campaign to help him spread his latest beliefs.. mainly that the earth is flat!! And when you have as much money as he has, there seems to be no limit in how far he’ll go to convince people of his way of thinking!!

This is a master class of showing how shallow the online world can be! The ‘sheeple’ following others if it’s the latest in thing to do, in fear of being left out and thinking for yourself!!

Mel got richly rewarded for her charity work and to hand over the reigns to the new charges, but it soon starts to play on her mind that all she had worked for over the years is being derided so she starts to put things in motion to get the truth out there about the new aims of her once respected charity.

I just loved how relevant this story is!! The use of ‘word salad’ to bamboozle people and get them onboard and how the use of social media just ramps the anger and vitriol up! The twitter spats especially were very funny and very believable!! How something so trivial can be turned into full scale war online when a few people get behind it! And the backlash against those who dare to go against the grain – and use their common sense and brains to denounce it all! And knowing a billionaire is behind it all, money talks!!

This was a fabulously crafted piece of work, so biting and pertinent and thoroughly entertaining from the first page to last!! The humour is pitch perfect and I can’t wait to see what the author comes with up next!!


My thanks to Dan at Eye/Lightning Books for the advanced reader copy in return for a fair and honest review



Bringing the spirit of Christmas to a summer’s day …

Summer by name and summer by nature – that’s how people describe Evelyn’s happy, outgoing daughter. Even if her favourite time of year is actually Christmas!

But Summer has gone through more than any eight-year-old ever should, and that’s part of the reason Evelyn is leaving everything behind to return to her childhood home in the village of Broclington; just her, Summer and Summer’s best friend – a Shiba Inu dog called Tilly. Unsurprisingly, Evelyn is hesitant to let anyone else in, although local vet Jake Macpearson seems intent on winning her trust.

When Evelyn receives the news that every mother dreads, it’s Jake who comes to the rescue. With the help of the Broclington community, could he be the man to bring festive magic to August, and make all of Evelyn and Summer’s Christmases come at once?



Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Summers-Christmas-unique-Summer-Christmas-romance-ebook/dp/B0999P1HQX/

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Nook: https://bit.ly/3B6CB6Z


If this book doesn’t give you ALL THE FEELS , then there is something seriously wrong with you!! I found this to be so emotional, fun, touching, heartwarming…. and everything in between! OOh and it mixes Summer with Christmas – the best of both worlds if you ask me!

Evelyn and her daughter Summer are moving back to live with her mum after some devastating news about poor Summer and her health. It has made Evelyn realise she needs a little more help, and who better to have on hand than Mum! Having dealt with Summer and her ill health on her own for years, thanks to scumbag Charlie!, it’s nice for her to be moving back to a place she loved. And with Tilly the dog in tow, she is soon being accepted back into the community with warmth.. Jake the local vet especially seems smitten, with all of them!

Summer is one of those children that never lets anything get her down! She’s such a little fighter and I loved her bond with Tilly and her can do attitude! I think she gets that from her mother!

And when she receives more devastating news, the power of community shows itself in spades as a Christmas festival is planned in the height of the Summer months and everybody mucks in, not least Jake who set everything in motion!

This was such a wonderfully uplifting read, full of sweet characters and I was sad to leave them all behind!