#BookReview SHAPE OF A BOY by KATE WICKERS #nonfiction #travel


‘Have kids, will travel’ is the mantra of veteran travel journalist and adventurous mother of three, Kate Wickers. Shape of a Boy is an inspirational parenting travel memoir about the life lessons learnt on her family’s travels, from overcoming disappointment in Thailand to saying sorry in Japan, perseverance in Borneo and conservation in Malaysia.
This is a must-read for every wannabe-traveller grounded by lockdown and for every parent who has dreaded travelling with a baby. Kate’s intrepid spirit is infectious, and her family’s adventures make you belly-laugh and bring a lump to your throat. Shape of A Boy captures the essence of being a parent in the thick of it and learning on the hoof.





This was a fantastically fun travel memoir of a family looking back over their travels over the years and really gives the reader a great insight into exploring the globe, and the trials and tribulations of travelling with children from a young age to their teenage years!

Travel journalist Kate has a really engaging way of writing, and each holiday they have been on is recalled with genuine affection, seeing the effect travelling has on her family and the very privileged position they found themselves in to be able to travel far and wide, and allow their children to see so much of the world.

You can’t help but smile and snigger at some of the recollections of things that happened to them and they witnessed and also allows for the different cultures they witness, along with the behaviour of fellow travellers which often left them feeling cold!

A real treat of a travel book, and fair play to Kate and her husband for not taking the easy option of playing it safe with holidays with the children! These experiences just go to show that they made the right choices and have some wonderful family memories to look back over!



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