‘Dan Rhodes is a true original’ – Hilary Mantel

When the sleepy English village of Green Bottom hosts its first literary festival, the good, the bad and the ugly of the book world descend upon its leafy lanes. But the villagers are not prepared for the peculiar habits, petty rivalries and unspeakable desires of the authors. And they are certainly not equipped to deal with Wilberforce Selfram, the ghoul-faced, ageing enfant terrible who wreaks havoc wherever he goes.

Sour Grapes is a hilarious satire on the literary world which takes no prisoners as it skewers authors, agents, publishers and reviewers alike.



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This was the perfect silly, satirical read that I needed! so thank you Dan Rhodes!!! It’s a hilarious look at the literary world, and all who inhabit it, set against the backdrop of a literary festival and the author goes to town, with great relish it seems, with making fun at the madness of various characters that can be found from the highs of the publishing world and all those beneath!

It is full of far fetched and hilarious situations that I found to be utterly delightful and often found myself grinning and chuckling away at the madness of it all, but it has that more-ish quality that I love in a story! Just one more page, one more chapter… ooh it’s the end! how did that happen!!

It shows up perfectly the silliness of the world we find ourselves living in and it’s fun trying to work out the inspiration behind many of the characters. The locals of Green Bottom have no idea what’s about to hit them when the festival turns up in town and chaos ensues! A must have for any bookshelf!! Go buy it!!



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