From big city high-flyer to little village vet …

Hannah and Daniel were teenage sweethearts, but then Daniel left their sleepy village of Middlefern and his grandfather’s veterinary practice behind for the bright lights of London.

Now, fifteen years later, the prodigal grandson has returned to temporarily take over the village practice with a veterinary qualification and his dog, Sammy, in tow. Daniel is ready for rabbits with tummy aches, guinea pigs who’ve lost their squeak, plenty of cow complaints and a whole lot of memories – both good and bad. But is he ready to see Hannah again?

Of course, a high-flying city vet like Daniel was never planning to stay in Middlefern for good – especially given his history with the place. But could another, even more important, vacancy convince him to change his mind?



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All the fur-baby feels for this one!! When Daniel returns home after abruptly leaving 15 years ago, Hannah doesn’t know what to think! No contact in all that time despite swearing undying love to one another as teenagers! Trying to keep out of his way in a small village is impossible so it’s only a matter of time until their paths cross…. and we get to go along for the reunion ride. Hold on to your hats!!
Hannah is one of those characters that you just want as a friend! She’s the sweetest thing, and has a very caring personality and is always putting others first instead of herself. And that’s one of the main reasons she’s never left the village, as she stayed to nurse her mother when she was poorly with cancer. It’s been 18 months since her passing, and she’s still grieving but throwing herself back into her nursing work with the locals keeps her going and distracting her mind.

And then Daniel returns which stirs up all those old memories and they both have a lot to face together – and it seems the universe, and some of their friends, are doing all they can to keep throwing them into situations where they are together to confront those old feelings!!

I loved this story – the connection between the characters was sparkling and I loved the different scenarios they found themselves in that allowed the past to be confronted and, for a change, be honest with one another!! Hannah is one of those people who loves helping others, but not so good at accepting help from others so it was good to see how she had to hand over control sometimes to others! Fabulous stuff!!