My 2023 reading plans!!

Happy New Year fellow Book Dragons!!  Here’s to another year filled with more books than we can cope with, and new favourites appearing on our shelves!!

So I do this every year to try and give myself a bit more focus! And I always start off with the best intentions and then by about mid January I’ve normally gone off the rails! So it’s fun while it lasts and we will see how we get on this time round…….


1.  Book Reading Target

Every year I set myself the target of 200 books to be read in the year, and I’ll be sticking with that again this year!  

2.  Read more Classics

I got a 12 day book advent calendar for 2022 Xmas and it was wonderful opening up some lovely editions of Classics, and hopefully I can settle down with those over the course of the next 12 months – 1 a month! – and not be too scared of them as I often am!

3.  Less Netgalley

Yep I’m laughing too!! Every year I say I’m going to get the NG shelves under control, and then I fail miserably by requesting way too many! So this year I’m going to be more ‘selective’… no really! I am!!!

4.  Buy less books

We know how this one goes don’t we?!!! Shelves are full of books still to be read, and I had a blast in the Waterstones sale with book vouchers I received, so it NEEDS to be more restrained over the next year!  I give myself a month before it goes tits up!

5.  read more non fiction

 I don’t tend to buy that much non fiction, but when I do I really love them!  I also find reading non fiction a little tougher on my poor old brain! But this year I’m going to find topics I love – nature, history, wildlife – and hopefully lap them up!!

6.  Let go……

Why do I keep hold of so many books?! I had a big sort out of my shelves the other weekend so they’re all a bit more organised but still find myself hanging on to books that have gathered dust over the years and STILL haven’t been read!  While it’s wonderful having bookshelves full of books, it’s just a question of space, and unless I win the lottery and buy a castle I just can’t keep storing them all!! So time to let go of those books I’m never going to read or re-read!!

7.  Read a page a day….

Sounds simple enough!  There are some days where I don’t feel like reading though but I’m going to promise myself to at least read 1 page a day, as that normally leads on to a chapter… or maybe more!

8.  Simplify….

I do like keeping a note of what I’ve read in a physical diary, and also make notes in a little review notebook  – I just need to stop using so many notebooks and then forgetting where I’ve put them!! Time to stick them all in one book and hopefully that will be easier to keep track of! Famous last words!!


So we shall see how we get on with this little lot!  Are you giving yourself some reading goals for the year ahead?! Good luck!!



11 thoughts on “My 2023 reading plans!!

  1. I can identify with so many of these, especially NetGalley. I think it’s easy to forget the reason publishers give us access to ARCs: because they want us to read and review them on NetGalley PRIOR to publication not two years afterwards! I’ve been trying to work through old NetGalley titles (#NetGalleyNovember helped) and although I only have 30 books on my To-Read shelf, half were published prior to 2022. I’d love to clear them this year and at the same time keep on top of those with forthcoming publication dates. Hmm, let’s see. In the meantime, good luck with your plans.

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    • Thank you! good luck with your plans too!! I think NG is just like being a kid in a candy shop and we want them ALL! And then the reality sinks in that we don’t have enough time to read that amount! Let’s hope we achieve our goals!


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