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Delighted to be with you today to celebrate the Publication Day for MY SISTER’S KILLER by HELEN BRIDGETT!  She’s here to share a few thoughts about the book so you learn more about it  – before you run off and buy a copy for yourself!! Links to buy are down below so grab yourself one ASAP!

Over to you Helen…

Release Day Post: My Sister’s Killer by Helen Bridgett

My Sister’s Killer is the third book in the Professor Maxie Reddick series.

In the first two, I have hinted that Maxie was drawn to Criminology because of something that happened to her sister Susan – she was killed when they were teenagers and the crime was never solved. Maxie has always maintained that neither she nor the police tried hard enough to find out what happened and this has haunted her throughout her life.

In this book, a new lead is uncovered and the cold case is re-opened. It is Maxie’s chance to do right by her sister once and for all.

The novel starts with a flashback to 1995 when Maxie found her sister dead at the bottom of the stairs. In researching the book, I consulted a police officer who would have been serving then to find out what procedures might have changed. DNA testing was available but expensive so wouldn’t have been used as a matter of course and CCTV would have been very rare.

Maxie has very little to go on and so reaches out to her podcast audience asking them if they knew Susan or remember anything from back then. As well as her old friend DS Andrew Dawson, Maxie is provided with a cold case officer. She really is throwing everything she can at this case and even enlists her students to help although they are horrified when they have to sift through paper records rather than just consult a search engine! The case comes down to old fashioned detective work – following leads and asking questions wherever they may lead.

The case unravels much from the past including elements of Susan’s life that Maxie would really rather not have known. Her parents want her to let things lie but the Professor simply cannot and is ready to risk everything to get to the truth.

My Sister’s Killer should keep you guessing until the very end and have you asking – how far would you go to solve the case?

About the Book: 

Somebody knows what happened to Maxie’s sister – why are they staying silent?

If Professor Maxie Reddick is honest with herself, there’s a very personal reason she pursued a career in criminology: the unsolved murder of her sister, Susan, nearly thirty years before, and her belief that the local police force let her family down.

Now Maxie has been drafted in to help investigate a murder – nothing particularly unusual about that, except when a fingerprint at the scene provides a shocking and unexpected link to her sister’s suspicious death.

The link means that Maxie can’t be involved in the official police investigation – but Susan’s cold case is heating up, and there’s no way Maxie is going to let go now, even if she has to stand up to the people who want to make sure the past stays frozen.

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About the Author:

Helen Bridgett lives in the North East of England. Outside of writing feel good fiction, Helen loves the great outdoors and having a good laugh with friends over a glass of wine. Helen lives with her husband and their chocolate Labrador, Angus; all three can often be found walking the Northumberland coastline that inspired her romantic comedy, Summer at Serenity Bay. Helen writes romantic comedies and chilling thrillers.

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