Two Strangers.A Chance Meeting?One Moment that will change their lives forever.

Lindy once had the world at her feet. An adoring husband, two beautiful daughter’s and a successful career.
In a split second, a tragic accident causes Lindy’s world to come crashing down around her.

Mia, personal fitness trainer and glamorous wife of a local tv personality seems to have everything.

Slowly Lindy learns more about Mia’s ‘perfect’ life and becomes convinced that they are each other’s saviours.

As obsessions grow and the lines that shape reality become blurred, Lindy’s and Mia’s lives are now forever dangerously intertwined as personalities merge

Nobody with a conscience can survive, can they?

A breathtaking psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. –Fans of Samantha Downing, Lucinda Berry and Teresa Driscoll will devour this twisty thriller in one sitting






If you are looking for a psychological thriller that takes you on the ultimate rollercoaster ride, then look no further!! I was guilty of forever telling myself, ooh just one more chapter, as I raced through this as I just couldn’t tear myself away from these characters and the situation they found themselves in!

Lindy is one of the main characters and her life has been turned upside down after a terrible accident. She had it all, but now she’s full of rage and bitterness. She’s plagued by memories of how wonderful her life was before, and soon becomes fixated on Mia, the glamorous wife of a local tv personality, and becomes convinced that they’re meant to be in each others lives for a reason….. she just doesn’t quite know what that reason is just yet.

Their lives soon become entangled, as you see the stories behind both Lindy and Mia and all is not what it seems underneath the surface! I loved that you got to see different sides to them as you found out more about their lives – there’s some seriously disturbed minds in some of these characters!!

The more Lindy finds out about Mia, the more obsessive she becomes in finding out more. And the more she learns about Mia and her husbands relationship, the more involved she becomes.

It’s dark, pulsating, tense and full of suspense and captures the mood of modern life perfectly! People being manipulated and how obsessions can blur the line between fact and fiction, and I found myself intrigued to see how things would play out as horrors from the past were revealed and dealt with. You see this bond between the women but wonder what it is really based upon and it was quite disturbing when things began to spiral out of control! Such a brilliant read!!