When a girl falls into a deep and impenetrable sleep, the borders between her provincial French village and the peculiar, beguiling realm of her dreams begin to disappear: A fat woman sprouts delicate wings and takes flight; a failed photographer stumbles into the role of pornographer; a beautiful young wife grows to resemble her husband’s viol. And in their midst travels Madeleine, the dreamer, who is trying to make sense of her own metamorphosis as she leaves home, joins a gypsy circus, and falls into an unexpected triangle of desire and love.


This is book 15 of my 20 Books of Summer 2020.

I normally devour a book that is full of the weird and wonderful! BUT for some reason I really struggled to connect with this book as it was just a little too ‘off the wall’ for me! I loved the set up with Madeleine asleep and the short and snappy flashes into her ‘dreams’ and the world she had created or found herself in but I often found myself completely unsure of whether it was dream world, real world or just somewhere in between! I found myself more interested in the little glimpses of her mum and family and their perspectives of watching Madeleine sleep while their lives carried on around them.

It was often quite dark and explicit, which didn’t really seem to add much to the mix except more confusion as to wondering what was going on!! Maybe I need to try the book again to see if it makes more sense 2nd time round!