The brand new Railway Girls novel set in Manchester during WWII. Perfect for fans of Nancy Revell, Daisy Styles and Margaret Dickinson.

Readers LOVE the Railway Girls:

Gripping and intriguing’
‘Great story lines’
Exceptional story . . . a must-read
Emotional . . . strong women’


Love is in the air, and together the railway girls can overcome even the hardest of times.

Mabel has finally put the past behind her, and her relationship with the dashing Harry is stronger than ever. That is, until an old flame shows up, leaving Mabel questioning her future.

Meanwhile Joan has made amends with Bob – if only she could do the same with Gran. And there’s still that family mystery she wants answer to, isn’t there?

As a mother and grandmother, Dot Green has always put her family first. Her job as a parcels porter has brought new purpose to her life, so is it finally time to start following her heart . . .

Life as a railway girl is busy but as war rages on and air raids disrupt daily life, the women realise they need each other more than ever, especially when there might be wedding bells on the horizon. 





It feels wonderful to be back in the company of The Railway Girls once more, and in this 3rd book in the series, we get to witness more of the day to day goings on in the life of these women as they cope with life during the war, alongside their own personal dramas – and there’s always lots going on in their work and family lives to explore!

Life in Manchester in 1941 is ticking along – the women are settling in their new roles, and are just happy to be doing what they can to help at this time. They feel useless when they’re not doing anything, so their new jobs give them a purpose. It still doesn’t get any easier though living life with the fear of air raids on a daily basis, but it has to! And Mabel, Joan and Dot are finding life is not getting any simpler!

You really get a great sense of the time with the way the story is written, and get to experience life in the 40’s through these women and the issues facing them at the time. Shocking secrets from the past are also revealed and goes to show that what you believe to be true is not always as it seems, and that support of family and friends really comes to the front throughout as events play out.

This series never seems to disappoint with the drama and history, and showing that life for these women is anything but simple, and I love losing myself in their stories in each book. Can’t wait for more!!


My thanks to the author for the advanced reader copy, in return for a fair and honest review.