Non-fiction November – update!

Hello!!  Just thought I’d do a little challenge update as I’m feeling particularly smug!!  6 days into the Non-Fiction November reading challenge and I’ve now finished 2 books!! WAHOO!!!  

Okay, I may have cheated and gone for the shortest 2 books in the pile, but it’s my challenge and my rules so ner!!  It has been really good fun though to get back to reading non- fiction and always makes me wonder why I don’t read more of it!!  Think I’m often put off by the size of some non-fiction books along with the topics, if they are a little heavy going i fear for my poor brain cells!, so was pleased to start off with 2 lighter reads and it just makes the reading experience more joyful!

So here’s a looksie at the 2 that have already been finished with a few thoughts – click on the title if you’d like to read more of my GoodReads reviews!

The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle   –  5 stars

What a fun and fascinating book this was! Full of fabulous facts about books, authors and history over time I found it to be so interesting and often made me chuckle too!  If you love reading about the bookish world, then I highly recommend this one!

Nigel; My family and other dogs by Monty Don  –  4 stars


I love watching Gardener’s World so that means I love seeing Nigel as he plods around the garden after Monty, often stealing the show, and this book is a lovely look back as Monty Don tells of how Nigel came into his family and all the other dogs he has had over the years.  Really easy to read and perfect for all animal lovers as it explores that bond we all build up with our pets!

So there we have it!  2 books off the list already!! Can I keep up this pace??!! I doubt it LOL!!  But it has been great fun so far so I’m eager to keep things going!