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Extremely delighted to be with you today to help kick off the Blog Tour for the fabulous THE TWELVE EVEN STRANGER DAYS OF CHRISTMAS by SYD MOORE. My thanks to the author, publisher and Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for putting the tour together and letting me be part of it all!

The Twelve Even Stranger Days Of Christmas

From the twice CWA Dagger shortlisted author of The Twelve Strange Days of Christmas come thirteen twelve stories to transport you to the macabre world of inexplicable phenomena.

As the dark winter nights get longer, prepare to lose yourself in the world of the strange. With a tale for each day of Christmas and a rather unlucky 13th, Christmas is not the only spirit in these pages. ‘Tis the season for sacrificial feasts, cultish communities and a train with a rather final destination. So wrap up warm and let yourself get lost in the world of the strange, the scary and the supernatural…

published by Point Blank 

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Twelve-Stranger-Christmas-Museum-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B0929TLH6Q

US – https://www.amazon.com/Twelve-Stranger-Christmas-Museum-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B0929TLH6Q 

Author Bio

SYD MOORE is the author of the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries (Strange Magic, Strange Sight, Strange Fascination, Strange Tombs and Strange Tricks) all published by Point Blank. The series was shortlisted for the Good Reader Holmes and Watson Award 2018. She has been shortlisted twice for the CWA Short Story Dagger for The Strange Casebook (2018) and The Twelve Strange Days of Christmas (2019). Her debut screenplay, Witch West, which she developed from an original idea, has been optioned by Hidden Door Productions for production in 2021. Syd is a founder member of the Essex Girls’ Liberation Front which successfully got the term ‘Essex girl’ removed from the Oxford English dictionary. She lives in Essex.




If you love your stories to be spooky and quirky (I do!!) then here they are!!  In this wonderful collection of 13 (not unlucky for us!) short stories, we are taken in all different directions from the alternative Seven Dwarves (now their names finally make sense!!), a very strange train experience on the C2C line (not that unusual for any of us who have taken that journey!), seaside dates, and the four housewives of the apocalypse to name but a few!!

I found this so easy to read! And so fun too! The stories are so different and that makes you just want to read them all in one sitting as you never know what you’re going to encounter next!  And some of the stories take you off into very weird tangents and I loved that! I also loved the Essex mentions in some of them! Definitely had me smirking at many observations!  And I now find myself looking at murals in more detail now!!

There’s also a visit back the Essex Witch Museum in one of the stories so that was nice to get to check back in with the characters from the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries series – if you’ve not checked that series yet, then get to it NOW! 

A book that’s perfect 12 months of the year – not just for Christmas!  Full of the weird, the wonderful, the spooky and the strange!! Loved it!!



#BookReviews The Essex Witch Museum Mystery series by Syd Moore #StrangeTricks @PointBlankCrime

This past bank holiday weekend – glorious sunshine! – has allowed me to get some extra reading time in! So what better way to celebrate than by having a ‘WITCHY WEEKEND’!! I could finally catch up with the 4 books left in the Essex Witch Museum Mystery Series that I’ve been itching to catch up on for way too long! And with the latest in the series – STRANGE TRICKS – being released today June 3rd 2021 – I thought I’d do something a little different and post all my reviews up in one post!

So here’s my look back at the 4 books I managed to read! Click on the book title for a link to the Goodreads blurb!

STRANGE SIGHT by SYD MOORE – book 2 in the series


More fun and ghostly games with Rosie and Sam! They’re back investigating cases that are a little out of the ordinary, and this one is no different as a local chef is found murdered at the local restaurant in a rather grizzly scene.
Rosie is still unsure what to do exactly with the Witch Museum in Essex that she has inherited from her grandfather. Her life as a benefit fraud investigator gives her stability, but the more time she spends in Essex at the museum with Sam, the more she finds herself drawn to this ‘new’ world.
As they investigate the chef murder they uncover a protection symbol in the basement, and this leads to them researching the past of the area so we get a great glimpse into the history of London in the process! And all while she valiantly defends the humble essex girl in style! She is no stereotype and isn’t afraid to let everyone know!!
I love the banter between Rosie and Sam, and really enjoyed the adventure we are taken on as they delve into the darker side of life.. or should that be death!



Sam and Rosie are back! And I think this is my favourite… so far!! The story was full of fun, darkness and the community coming together to try and thwart developers who are determined to move a centuries-old boulder – the locals know what happened the last time the boulder moved and it wasn’t a good thing!! But when do developers ever listen to locals??!

Rosie has the locals on her side this time with the relaunch of the new look Witch Museum – the free bar may have helped on launch day! She’s settling more into the witch way of life and starts to delve a bit further into her own family history as there is so much she doesn’t really know about.

The locals remember all the strange goings on when the boulder was moved before, said to be the resting place of a witch, so they will do all they can to try and stop it happening again. And when bones and artifacts are found at the boulder site, the police bring Rosie and Sam in again and their help is needed even more when the head of one of the protestors turns up on the boulder.

This is a book that feels really relevant with heritage sites being ignored for the sake of development – and money! And once again Rosie and Sam are at the thick of the goings on – Rosie seems to be becoming a regular patient at the local hospital with the danger she finds herself in!

This is one of those series that makes you feel part of the action and goings on! I love spending time with the characters and getting that glimpse of the supernatural mixed with modern life. Fabulous!



Rosie and Sam at Halloween! What could go wrong?! When a creative writing course is held at Ratchette Hall and there’s a murder, who else can help investigate but the witch museum duo!

This is a really intriguing whodunnit, and with the added element of it being held amidst a writers’ retreat, it allows the story to throw in a few curveballs! Just why was the murder victim clutching a marble finger to his chest?! It’s all very Agatha Christie as they start trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And then there’s another victim……

Add to the mix a wolf heard in the local woods, a python missing from the local zoo and some weird things caught on camera, and you really do get caught up in the drama of it all and wondering where the plot will take you next!

This book was less about Rosie and Sam as the case takes centre stage, but we still get to enjoy their unique approach to investigating the supernatural world and I found it to be another fun story that entertains from start to finish!


published by Point Blank

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I love this series!! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more weird goings on for Rosie and Sam to be drawn into, and in this book there’s a lot going on! Both case wise and also in their own personal lives and this feels like a really well balanced story with plenty to intrigue, amuse and terrify you as a reader!!

The story starts with a very dark opening with a young boy being kept prisoner, and that really sets the tone for the rest of the book. There’s alway that undercurrent of something very sinister and chilling having gone on, and that ties in with their own personal lives, especially Sam as we get to find out more about his past and the unresolved mystery in his life.

Rosie is also looking back, as she starts to read her mothers’ journals and they give a great glimpse to her past as she shares her thoughts on the tarot cards drew at the time, and how they correlated with what was going on with her.

Rosie and Sam also get to meet Pearl who is one of the people who have ‘near death experiences’ that allows them to receive messages from the spirit world – and one of those messages is very close to Sam’s heart.

This storyline causes trauma for both of them and it was fascinating to see how they both reacted – it’s defnitely a much darker, personal book for Sam and Rosie but there’s still those little glimpses of comedy that keeps making the Essex Witch Museum series such a hit for me! As the story builds, it sets up things so nicely for future adventures and I’m already eagerly awaiting the next installment!! I can’t get enough of this series!




Christmas is around the corner…so too are all manner of spooky apparitions at the Essex Witch Museum

Feisty Rosie Strange can’t seem to catch a break. The past always seems to come knocking in Adders Fork, forcing her and partner Sam Stone to investigate. In this collection of twelve short stories, Rosie and Sam are seen to do battle with all manner of creepy ghosts.

Published by  Point Blank Books





Author Website


A short story collection full of the frightening and the fun and I loved the variety of the stories included as they seemed to be a little bit of everything, which was perfect for dipping into on a dark evening – even if it meant I had some rather peculiar dreams/nightmares afterwards!!

Linked to the Essex Witch Museum series – of which I still have a couple to catch up with – this collection is a mix of the weird and wonderful, the dark and twisted and all set in a variety of locations and featuring a range of different characters! It’s not full on horror and gore, but often the more subtle sides to the supernatural, which can often be the most unsettling!

My favourites were In The Bag – a possessed hoover anyone?!!!! – and The House on Savage Lane which was the darkest tale for me and quite terrifying! There are ghostly goings on galore, evil cats and the Reaper and I just really enjoyed the different mix of stories and it’s just made me even more eager to revisit the Essex Witch Museum series in full – bring on even more weird nightmares for me!!


#BookReview The Parentations by Kate Mayfield

About the book

Eighteenth-century London and the lives of the sisters Fitzgerald, Constance and Verity, become entwined with the nearby Fowler household. For Clovis Fowler,whose unearthly Nordic beauty belies a ruthless thirst for power, and husband Finn, a Limehouse thief, have agreed to provide safe harbour to a mysterious baby.
The puzzling phenomenon binding them close arose unexpectedly from deep within the savage but beautiful landscape of Iceland, where a hidden pool of water grants those who drink from it endless life. But those who sip from the waterfall discover all too quickly that immortality is no gift.
To preserve the life of this strange baby from those who wish him harm means that all concerned must remain undiscovered for more than two hundred years. And, as the centuries creep thither, one in their enclave proves more menacing than those who pursue them. Worse, the life-giving pool that sustains them all, runs dry…

Published by Point Blank Books

Hardcover page count – 496

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I received this book in the recent My Chronicle Book Box Fantasy Edition – click here for my unboxing post.  I’d not heard about it before and so this past weekend was another Big Book Weekender, and this was the big book I picked it up to read and it made the bank holiday weekend fly by!!

Who wants to live forever? If you answered yes, then you may want to change your mind after reading this highly original historical novel that follows a number of characters, over a wide span of years, set in London and Iceland and their experiences with the impact that immortality brings their way.

I did find this book started quite slowly, so don’t let that put you off, as you soon become captivated by the characters, none more so than by Constance and Verity, who are sisters, and the mystery baby who comes into their lives with very little known of why he has arrived and for how long they will have him under their roof.

The story starts in Iceland in 1783 with the eruption of a volcano, which opens up a green pool from which Stefan drinks from before knowing the consequences of his action. He is then the keeper of this knowledge to help those who also drink from it understand what lies ahead for them.

I loved the originality of this story, alongside the development of the characters over the centuries and all they encounter. There is always a slightly unsettling undertone to the whole story and you can understand the pressure that those affected by immortality end up facing.

It’s a beautifully written book, so inventive and a fascinating study of family dynamics that never fails to satisfy your curiosity and one I highly recommend!