#BookReview #Readalong ALL THE WORDS UNSPOKEN by SERENA KAUR @RedDoorBooks

Delighted to be taking part in this readalong via the blog and instagram today, so my thanks to Lizzie at RedDoor Press for letting me be part of it all and to share my thoughts on ALL THE WORDS UNSPOKEN by SERENA KAUR!


Things are not going well for Maansi Cavale.

Her depression is worsening, she barely passes her university exams and she winds up stuck at home, full of regret and unable to find a job. She’d do anything for a way out.

Though Maansi previously considered arranged marriage an outdated tradition (only to be agreed to if you’re in your mid-forties and unable to bag anybody yourself), a chance meeting at an Indian wedding party changes everything. Desperate to escape the shackles of monotony and unemployment, she agrees to marry the handsome and wealthy Aryan Alekar. She convinces herself a new lifestyle and wealth will lift her out of the pit. She secures the marriage, but not before serving up a few lies about herself…

As they settle into married life, Aryan remains a mystery to Maansi: some days warm and loving, others cold and distant. Maansi can’t help but wonder… who is Aryan Alekar really? And why did he choose to marry so young? While living with Aryan, Maansi realises she could never be satisfied playing housewife. After all, she once had goals and dreams.

While searching for the ambitious Maansi she has buried, Maansi starts to realise that the man she has married is even further from what he seems… Can she salvage their union or will they set each other free?

All the Words Unspoken is a fresh, new voice from debut British-Asian author, Serena Kaur. It is a love story that challenges our preconceptions of relationships and shows us that the choices we make have implications and ramifications far beyond the horizon we can see.


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Welcome to the world of Maansi! And what a fascinating story she has to share!  She’s a young woman living in Britain but expected to ‘conform’ by her parents to the world of arranged marriages so can her mind be changed when she meets Aryan, a very wealthy and handsome suitor! It all seems a bit too fairytale and easy to begin with for Maansi as she settles into a new married life, but soon the cracks begin to appear and she’s left to wonder if she was right all along and should have stuck to her way of living life!

She’s also dealing with depression, something her family do little to understand, and I found it fascinating to see her dealing with these issues as I think it will connect with most women reading this.  It’s a book that centres around female issues, that will connect with women of any religion or race, and I really enjoyed seeing how Maansi tried to deal with everything life throws at her.  And it throws a multitude of issues her way in this story!!  From her past, to her marriage and to trying to forge her own path in the world doing things she loves – working in publishing! – it was a great mix of issues that she has to deal with.

I think this book shows up brilliantly of how living your life to suit other people just isn’t a good thing for you! While she comes to terms with the way that Aryan blows hot and cold and picks up on things about his family, life carries on around them and you just wish things would go smoothly for her for once at least!  You want her to find her ‘happy’!

This was an emotional and thought provoking read and gives a great insight into life as a young asian woman.