Get ready – it’s time to create a happy closet!

The Happy Closet will help you transform your wardrobe (and your mind) into an organised and clutter-free space, ensuring you dress for the person you are today and never again utter the ill-fated words, ‘I have nothing to wear’.

In this inspirational book you’ll find out how to move past the unconscious hoarding patterns in your personality. You will learn how to go from collecting rails of clothes you rarely wear to shopping effectively and mindfully to building a wardrobe that works for you, whatever your lifestyle. Once your clothes are in order, you will feel more confident, more in control and less anxious.

This is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to have more with less. Get ready to discover your Happy Closet, where well-being is always well-dressed.


I listened to the audioversion of this book.

I’m at that stage where I’ve got wardrobes and drawers full of clothes, but never have anything to wear! So I listened to this in the hope it can set me on a better path of clothes buying and organising, and I really loved the author and her approach to the task in hand!

She explores the different types of shoppers/hoarders and tries to analyse why is it so tough to let go of things! Why do we crave that buzz of buying something to make us happy, only for it to wear off soon after. She has a relatable and funny way of exploring the subject which makes for a fun listen, along with the more serious stuff to try and make us change our ways!

It’s a practical exploration along with quizzes to take – would probably work better in the ‘book’ form than audio! – to work out what kind of shopper you are, and tips to help you ‘let go’ and move on with your wardrobe and make it work better for you. While listening to it I did make a start on sorting through some of my clothes and did chuck out 4 pairs of jeans that I’ve been hanging on to, so if I can continue with that vigour then I say this book is a success for me! A definite work in progress but hopefully this book can help me on my way to achieve that ‘happy closet’!