#BookReview THE LAST GIANTS by LEVISON WOOD #20BooksOfSummer20


This book comes at a critical time. Fifty years ago, Africa was home to just over 1.3 million elephants, but by 1990 the number had halved. Meanwhile in the span of a lifetime, the human population has more than doubled.

In Levison Wood’s The Last Giants, he explores the rapid decline of one of the world’s favourite animals. Filled with stories from his own time spent travelling with elephants in Africa, the book is a passionate wake-up call for this endangered species we take for granted. The Last Giants was written to inspire us all to act – to learn more and help save the species from permanent extinction.



This is book 20 of my 20 Books of Summer 2020.

This was an illuminating but horrifying insight into the plight of elephants, that accompanied the tv series hosted by the author. The TV show made a big impact on my understanding of these magnificent animals, but seeing it written down made it hit home even harder.

From the destruction of their habitats, to the ivory trade and hunting, this book really does a wonderful job of giving you a clearer picture of just how drastically their numbers have fallen and how some humans are trying to help despite many humans trying to hinder the welfare of elephants with their illegal activity.

There is also a great use of stunning photographs in this book. A fascinating read about these beautiful creatures.