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Fall head-over-heels in love with the beautiful new novel from bestselling author Holly Martin and let The Little Village of Happiness warm your heart and make your spirits soar.

Willow McKay needs a fresh start. Her recent break-up may not have left her heartbroken but it’s certainly wounded her pride. Desperate to escape the whispers and stares of her town’s gossips, an advert offering homes in a picturesque village in the grounds of a majestic castle on the Cornish coast sounds like just what she needs. Without thinking twice Willow applies for a cottage and packs up her life for the village of Happiness.

But when Willow arrives she finds a crumbling ruin and ramshackle cottages, nothing like the pretty picture the advert had boasted. It seems Happiness was too good to be true. That is until she meets the incredibly handsome estate manager Andrew Harrington…

His passion for restoring the village to its former glory is contagious and soon they are working together to bring happiness back to Happiness. And as sparks fly between them Willow can feel herself falling. But Andrew is holding something back.

Can Willow risk her heart again? And will they succeed in transforming the old village to its original beauty before it’s too late?

Get swept away to the sun-kissed Cornish coast with this gorgeous love story, perfect for fans of Jill Mansell, Miranda Dickinson and Lucy Diamond.

published by Sunshine, Seaside & Sparkles


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Just blooming delightful!! One of those books that you totally lose yourself in and a book set in Happiness that just brings oodles of happiness to the reader!!

Willow is in need of a new start in life! So when she sees an advert for a rent free cottage in an idyllic location,she can’t say no! The village (Happiness) is trying to revive itself so are giving people the opportunity to live there and hopefully like what they see! She’s a bit shocked on first appearances as all doesn’t seem to what it is meant to and she soon wonders what she’s let herself in for! But she’s a positive kind of soul and soon throws herself into village life and ends up being a great help to the estate manager, Andrew, who she gets on with well from the start!

He shares her positive outlook on life and it’s no wonder they click! I love them together and they bring out the best in one another, and the best in others! There’s great touches of humour between them and he soon finds himself opening up to Willow about things he normally doesn’t like to share.

The sense of community is second to none in this book. As they try and revive the fortunes of the village it gets everyone of all ages pulling together and I loved the extra effort that Willow and Andrew put in to the whole project. They realise it’s the little things that matter to people and just putting a smile on their faces becomes a big fun project!

Willow is a force to be reckoned with and just doesn’t seem to run out of ideas for getting things moving and although there are a few spanners thrown in the works at times, she always has that optimism that everything will work out for the best.

Loved it!! Hope there’ll be a return visit to Happiness soon!!