#BookReview Watch For Me By Twilight by Kirsty Ferry #HappyPublicationDay @ChocLituk

About the book

The past is never really the past at Hartsford Hall …
Aidan Edwards has always been fascinated by the life of his great-great uncle Robert. A trip to Hartsford Hall and an encounter with Cassie Aldrich leads him closer to the truth about Robert Edwards, as he unravels the scandalous story of a bright young poet and a beautiful spirited aristocrat in the carefree twilight of the 1930s before the Second World War.

But can Aidan find out what happened to Robert after the war – or will he have to accept that certain parts of his uncle’s life will remain forever shrouded in mystery?

Published by Choc Lit

Publication Date – 11th September


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I love each return visit to Hartsford Hall, and the latest in the series is just as wonderful with a great mix of mystery, history and romance! The perfect combination!

This story follows Cassie as she steps in to help her sister in law with preparations for the annual Living History Weekend.  As Elodie is pregnant with twins her  health is her main concern, so Cassie is sure she can take on the bulk of arranging things at Hartsford Hall, but is soon concerned she may have bitten off more than she can chew!

Aiden is a keen motorbike nut, and while he’s out riding one day he finds himself at Hartsford and gets caught up in the history of the place which makes him think back to his great great uncle, Robert, and the unanswered questions he has about him.  When he spots a link to the Hall in some old keepsakes he is keen to find out more and soon finds himself in contact with Cassie who is just as eager to delve into the history that they know very little of about those who lived at the Hall in the past.

The story then flits between the current timeline, and back to the late 1930’s when those living at Hartsford are trying to enjoy their lifestyles but the threat of war is hanging over them all. For Lady Stella it could mean saying goodbye to Rob, the writer she has fallen in love with.  

For me the books of Kirsty Ferry are like a giant hug! No matter what topic she is writing about, you feel completely wrapped up in the goings on and the characters all become friends and family to you, and this is what I loved about Twilight.  Cassie is such an energetic character – eager to please and not let anyone down, and her enthusiasm for getting the most out of the event is evident for all to see.  And in Aiden she finds someone just as interested in looking back to the past, and their willingness to keep digging for more clues to what happened was fantastic.  And the storyline of Lady Stella and Rob was just as captivating and really caught the essence of the time as well as capturing their emotions and feelings towards one another.

Loved it and highly recommend it – if you’ve not read any of the Hartsford series before you can read this as a standalone!      But you’ll want to read more if you pick this up!! 



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