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GoodReads Monday.. The Secret Life of Biddy Weir

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off! Don’t forget to link back to her blog and feel free to add your links to the comments on her post.

Having spotted this over at Secret Library Book Blog  I’ve felt inspired to join in today, especially as I had GoodReads open on my computer anyway, and it’s always a good idea to remind myself of books I’ve put on the TBR list and forgotten about!
The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir

The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir

by Lesley Allen (Goodreads Author)
 4.35  ·   Rating details ·  228 Ratings  ·  57 Reviews
A stark but uplifting story of bullying and redemption, for anyone who’s ever been a weirdo.

Almost too terrified to grip the phone, Biddy Weir calls a daytime television show.

The subject is bullying, and Biddy has a story to tell.

Abandoned by her mother as a baby, Biddy lives in her own little world, happy to pass her time watching the birds – until Alison Fleming joins her school.

Popular and beautiful, but with a dangerous, malevolent streak, Alison quickly secures the admiration of her fellow students. All except one. And Alison doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t fit her mould . . .

A story of abuse and survival, of falling down and of starting again, and of one woman’s battle to learn to love herself for who she is, The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir is Lesley Allen’s startlingly honest debut novel, perfect for fans of Rowan Coleman and Julie Cohen.

Anyone read this?! It sounds an amazing read so I might bump it up the TBR pile now!!
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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline #BookReview

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade’s devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world’s digital confines, puzzles that are based on their creator’s obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. When Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade’s going to survive, he’ll have to win—and confront the real world he’s always been so desperate to escape.

  • Paperback: 374 pages
  • Publisher: Broadway Books (5 Jun. 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307887448
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307887443
BUYING LINKS – buy online and support a local bookstore

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If you grew up in the 1980’s then you are going to love this book!! And even if you didn’t there’s so much in this story to connect with and enjoy that once I’d started reading it yesterday I was unable to put it down – and I’m now eager to see the film!

It’s a simple story – eccentric billionaire creates a multi-player online VR world that many people living in a dysfunctional and screwed up world (sound familiar?!) prefer to spend their time in! You go to school in the OASIS VR world, meet people – and with war, famine, and poverty ravaging the real world then you can’t blame them! But when the creator James Halliday dies with no heirs to inherit his billions, the task he sets to claim his billions is to find clues hidden in the OASIS world. But these are no ordinary clues and test even the most brilliant minds. And as the years pass with nobody even getting close to solving any of the clues people start giving up and it’s only the die-hards who continue with the quest.

Halliday was obsessed with the 1980’s – aren’t we all?! – and the references to 80s’ music, films, computer games is rife within this book and I think that’s why I loved it so much!! Every movie line reference had me smiling, every song mentioned had me singing it in my head, and every computer game reference has just made me want to dig my Commodore 64 and Atari out of the loft and get back to playing Donkey Kong and Pac-Man!

Wade Watts is an 18 year living in a trailer park, both his parents are dead, and he’s your typical loner keeping to himself and seeking privacy in an old van he has found, and this is where he continues his love affair with the 1980’s – he knows movie scripts offline and watches old TV series in a bid to try and find a way of cracking the codes that Halliday left behind. And then one day he cracks the first clue…… and this is where his quest really begins.

Along the way he meets others online who are searching for the same clues – some are there to help him, others are happy to threaten him and his friends if he doesn’t help them. And with billions at stake this brings the worst out in people. He finds himself having to cover his tracks, change his identity and be wary of who he can trust as he delves more into the online OASIS world.

I found this so easy to read as it was just a glorious retro geek fest!! It was extremely clever, full of humour and the darker elements fitted nicely alongside especially how the world had got so bleak because of the behaviour of humans and what they did to the planet – sounds very familiar and quite a frightening prospect.

Cannot recommend this book highly enough! Fabulous!!

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My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up – Week 11 2018

Snow Bunny is back!!  The Mad March weather continues!!  It was mild and sunny yesterday and then this morning we have woken to freezing temperatures and snowfall!!  And more is forecast – aarrgghh!! So back to hibernating and hopefully picking up some rather fab books to read!

It has been a slower reading week for me as I’ve been reading some chunkier books but have enjoyed the slower pace!  Managed to finish 4 books this week and they were all rather fabulous reads so even better! Not read a stinker in a while – am I getting better in choosing what to read or has the book world just upped its’ game?! Ooh there’s a debate for a later date!

On the post front there has been more than a few grumbles from the lovely postmen and women who seem to alternate on this route!  Maybe next week will be quieter for them… haha!  No chance!!


The Antipodeans by Greg McGee – 5 stars

Loved this historical drama. Highly recommended!


Lovely read!


Fascinating read about the woman behind the books we all love!


Another fabulous release from Choc Lit!


These ones were sent via publishers, Readers First and BookBridgr – and I’m extremely thankful!

The Story Collector by Evie Gaughan.

Published by Urbane Publications


The Sealwoman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson


The Cactus by Sarah Haywood


The First Dance by Catherine Law

Where the Light gets in by Lucy Dillon

And then there’s another one for my Penguin Clothbound Classics collection! Treasure Island!

And then this was courtesy of a GoodReads Giveaway win – it’s been a while since I’d won one from there! – THE YEAR OF SURPRISING ACTS OF KINDNESS by LAURA KEMP

And then I had to treat myself to this one! I have loved the band BROS – remember them?! – since the late 1980’s and have always followed the careers of Matt and Luke Goss with great affection.  And Luke has just released this wonderful book full of lovely photos and his thoughts on spending 4 days on his own in the Joshua Tree desert to find some peace and meaning to the questions forever troubling him and how we should all try disconnecting from time to time to find ourselves … can I give this one 6 stars?!


The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

Chosen to read this on a snowy afternoon!

The Happy Tree by Rosalind Murray

Continuing my Year of Persephone, this is the latest one I’ve chosen from my shelves. Not sure so far!

The Widow’s House by Carol Goodman

Listening to the audio version of this thanks to BorrowBox and it’s a creepy little listen – the main characters are a little annoying though!


So that is how my week has looked! How has yours been?! Any snow where you are?!



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Book Blogger Insider Tag

I spotted this tag over at KristinKravesBooks and wanted to be part of the fun! So here goes!


1. Answer the questions below
2. Credit the creator Jamie
3. Tag at least 5 people
4. Have fun!

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

In the spare room! There’s a comfy futon with lots of blankets on it and it seems perfect for lounging on with my laptop!

How long does it generally take you to write a book review?

 Half an hour is probably the average time – some take longer (annoyingly!), others can be summed up in a few lines!

When did you start your book blog?

May 2016! I had to look to check though as I had no clue!

What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

The time it takes to set up posts as that takes away from reading time! I also feel guilty if I’ve been sent a book and it takes me a while to get to!

What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

Books!! And the Blogging community who are so supportive and also so evil in leading me astray in wanting more books!  I also love the variety of books I’ve discovered whilst blogging. I’m sure if I’d not set this up I wouldn’t have discovered half of the books I have been lucky enough to read – either through others’ reviews or review copies being sent by publishers

What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

Not sure to be honest! I always have fun doing cover reveals as it feels so cool getting to be one of the first people to see a cover before it is released into the bookish world!

What is your favourite type of blog post to write?

Reviews! It’s why I set this blog up – as I have a lousy memory and wanted to help myself remember what each book I read was about! – and I’m sure it helps me notice more whilst I’m reading

When do you typically write?

No real set time! Sunday afternoons are normally quite a good time for me though!

Do you review every book you read?

I try to review most of them! I try and review books I think others would be interested in finding out about. And I don’t tend to waste time writing big reviews of books I end up not enjoying so just put a few lines on GoodReads for those. Thankfully these are very far and few between as I seem to be getting quite good now at choosing books that suit me!

How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby?

Any excuse to have a cup of tea by my side! Or a double choca mocha!  I like to listen to music too while I’m reviewing so have my Ipod on shuffle by my side!

When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book?

Normally straight after finishing the book as I’d be awful trying to remember things a couple of weeks later! I like the instant reactions of having read a book and what it has meant to me!

How often do you post?

No set routine! Whenever I finish a book, or whenever I notice a post put up by someone else that I’d like to join in with! And whenever I get the emails about cover reveals or Blog Tours – so I apologise for the randomness of my Blog posts! SORRY!!
So much fun in doing this!! Will tag anyone who reads this and fancies sharing their Blogging thoughts!
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The Antipodeans by Greg McGee #BookReview #historicalfiction


Three Generations. Two Continents. One Forgotten Secret.


2014Clare and her father travel to Venice from New Zealand. She is fleeing a broken marriage, he is in failing health and wants to return one last time to the place where, as a young man, he spent happy years as a rugby player and coach. While exploring Venice, Clare discovers there is more to her father’s motives for returning than she realised and time may be running out for him to put old demons to rest.

1942Joe and Harry, two Kiwi POWs in Italy, manage to escape their captors, largely due to the help of a sympathetic Italian family who shelter them on their farm. Soon they are fighting alongside the partisans in the mountains, but both men have formed a bond with Donatella, the daughter of the family, a bond that will have dramatic repercussions decades later.

The Antipodeans is a novel of epic proportions where families from opposite ends of the earth discover a legacy of love and blood and betrayal.

‘Like a Venetian Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. You won’t want to put it down.’ – Simon Edge, author of The Hopkins Conundrum

‘Hugely evocative’ – Sarah Franklin, author of Shelter


Publisher Lightning Books


Greg McGee is an award-winning New Zealand playwright, television screenwriter, novelist, and biographer.

A promising young rugby player, McGee became a Junior All Black and All Blacks trialist. He graduated from law school, then in 1980 his first play, Foreskin’s Lament, debuted. Centred around rugby, this play became iconic in New Zealand and garnered McGee popular acclaim.

He is a successful screenwriter, writing based-on-true story dramatisations and mini-series based on the Erebus disaster and the infamous Lange Government, as well as contributing to several popular television shows (Marlin Bay, Street Legal, Orange Roughies). He also penned the screenplay for Old Scores, a rugby-based feature film.

As a novelist, McGee first wrote under the pseudonym Alix Bosco, winning the prestigious Ngaio Marsh Award for his debut, CUT & RUN. He also wrote All Blacks captain Richie McCaw’s biography, one of the bestselling New Zealand books of recent years.



Extremely thankful to Lightning Books who made me aware of this book as they knew I loved historical reads – and this was a captivating and compelling story that I’m extremely glad to have had the pleasure of reading.

Mainly set over 2 timelines; 2014 – Clare and her father go to Venice as her father is dying and he wants to revisit his past, while Clare is escaping her present. 1942 – 2 Kiwi POW’s are helped out by an Italian family who hide them from their captors and they become part of the community during their stay. You wonder how the timelines are linked and what has really prompted the trip to Venice now and it is fascinating as the past is revealed and secrets are uncovered leading to Clare finding out so much more about her father than she ever thought possible.

The dual timeline works so well in this story – the present storyline has so many layers to it from the father trying to make sense of his past, alongside Clare dealing with escaping her cheating ex and the let downs she has suffered over the years. When her father is taken ill whilst in Venice, she is then faced with even more revelations that rock her. Her father kept diaries of his time as a rugby coach in Italy and whilst at times I did find these a little confusing as they centred around politics of the time and featured a lot of names, the details soon all came together to help things slot into place and make things clearer.

And the story line throughout the war years was a complex mix of life on the run, the brutal reality of times of war and the relationships built up between soldiers and those they sought shelter with.

This book was such a quality mix of history, family bonds, secrets, loves and lies and I can see why this book was such a big hit in New Zealand where it spent almost a year on the bestseller chart. The short, snappy chapters really helped with the pace of the story as I found myself not wanting to put it down once I’d started it, and for a book of nearly 450 pages that is quite a feat!! I enjoyed the bond between Clare and her father, and the time they spent in Italy was quite a journey for both of them and brought so vividly to life by the author. As were the war years and the horrors that the soldiers witnessed and how they survived by pulling together and relying on the kindness of strangers.

Cannot recommend this highly enough as an absorbing read that will stay with me for some time!

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No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield #BlogTour #BookReview #Giveaway


Electroshock therapy, child abuse and modern-day slavery… just another day in Christine’s life.

Take a heart-wrenching yet inspiring ride through one woman’s incredible journey that is so compelling that you are simultaneously trying to look away and unable to stop yourself from reading on.

Christine’s father is a wealthy, tyrannical man renowned in the diamond business. At the age of just five, little Christine is cast aside into a boarding school where she is ridiculed for two embarrassing problems. She grows up in a never-ending circle of traumatic experiences both in her boarding school and at home. It culminates into a falling out between father and child that was never fully mended, leading her into a world of promiscuity and alcohol, eventually landing her in a violent marriage.

Driven to the limits of despair and heartache, she creates a plan to escape her world of misery. Will her plan work?

A story that asks: How do you find the strength, when you suffer almost unbearable abuse and are broken beyond repair, to pick up the pieces of a shattered life?

This journey shows the tenacity of the human spirit and how the will to survive can often be hidden behind self-destructive tendencies. This beautifully written novel is an incredible inspiring true story about loss, abuse, survival and hope.

  • Paperback: 310 pages
  • Publisher: RASC Publishing


Born in 1959, the successful UK business woman and author Christine Clayfield has achieved recognition as a Bestselling Author for one of her Internet marketing books. She has written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books.

Christine is an author, wife, mother and business woman.

Christine’s past holds much pain and abuse, but it did not stop her from being the woman she is today by changing her life and building the future she wanted. She wants to empower and inspire the world with the release of “No Fourth River”, a novel, based on a true story: her own life.

Life was certainly no easy ride for her. To say she had a hard life as a child and a young adult, is an understatement. ‘No Fourth River’, is her way to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future. YOU can make it happen if you just believe. It all starts with YOU.

Christine loves writing books and helping others to achieve business success! She has helped countless people to get to grips with making money online and publishing books.

Christine Clayfield is an Internet marketer, Author, Entrepreneur, Infopreneur, Public Speaker and Book Publisher. She is the author of:
– From Newbie To Millionaire
– Drop Shipping and eCommerce. What You Need And Where To Get it
– Finding Niches Made Easy
– Design Free Websites
– Work From Home Ideas
– No Fourth River

She is also the creator of the Self Publishing Video Tutorials:

For more information:


This was definitely not an easy read.   And as it’s a novel based on a true story, that makes the horror of the abuse that the family suffered even more horrifying. 

It follows the story of Christine as she is faced with seeing her mother very ill in hospital, and as she sits by her bedside it allows her mind to go back in time and see her childhood and the conditions the family were forced to live under due to a brute of a father.  he was a successful man away from the home, but once behind closed doors he was  a tyrant who wielded control power over his wife and children and often made them suffer sickening consequences for disobeying him. 

Christine and her brothers were all treated appallingly over the years and the abuse didn’t stop even when they reached adulthood, even if they tried to get away.  Christine ended up leaving home at 18 to escape, but soon found herself under the control of another evil man and you begin to wonder what will be her breaking point.

When that breaking point is reached, it turns the whole story around as it gives her power to stop the things happening to her and get back to concentrating on herself and trying to restore that confidence that had been taken away from her for so many years.  And I think this is why this story needs to be shared and read.  It gives hope to those who may find themselves in similar circumstances.  Knowing that it isn’t their fault and that good can come out of bad.

The abuse suffered throughout the years is awful to read and just appalling that a human can treat others in such a way, more so when that is their own father.  You could sense the fear through those pages and you can understand why Christine rebelled in the way she did when she became a teenager.  She wanted to be liked and would do anything for that feeling of someone being interested in her.

A truly powerful book and one full of hope and inspiration from the author with a series of messages aimed at those who feel so powerless.


Thank you to the author and Bookollective for the copy of this book and letting me be part of this Blog Tour.  Please go to my Twitter page for details of the giveaway as the author wants to send a copy of the book and some chocolates to one lovely winner! You lucky people! So go to @bookkaz for more details and GOOD LUCK!!

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The Truth Lies Buried by Morton S. Gray #CoverReveal



Hello!!!  Extremely delighted to be able to share yet another fabulous cover reveal on my Books and Me Blog today!!  Thank you to the team at Choc Lit for allowing me the honour of getting to show The Truth Lies Buried off!!

Here’s a little bit of information about the book before the big reveal!!



Two children in a police waiting room, two distressed mothers, a memory only half remembered …

When Jenny Simpson returns to the seaside town of Borteen, her childhood home, it’s for a less than happy reason. But it’s also a chance for her to start again.

A new job leads to her working for Carver Rodgers, a man who lives alone in a house that looks like it comes from the pages of a fairy tale – until you see the disaster zone inside …

As Jenny gets to know Carver she begins to unravel the sadness that has led to his chaotic existence. Gradually they realise they have something in common that is impossible to ignore – and it all links back to a meeting at a police station many years before.

Could the truth lie just beneath their feet?


THE TRUTH LIES BURIED is published on 1st May 2018 and will be available to purchase as an eBook on all platforms.  Nearer release date I’ll be posting pre-order links!

And here is your first peek at this stunning new cover!!



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Spring at the Little Duck Pond Cafe by Rosie Green #CoverReveal

Super excited to be involved with this gorgeous cover reveal today thanks to Rosie Green and Rachel at Rachels Random Resources.

Here’s a little bit of blurb about the book before the big reveal!!

Spring at The Little Duck Pond Café

Fleeing from a romance gone wrong, Ellie Farmer arrives in the pretty little village of Sunnybrook, hoping for a brand new start that most definitely does not include love! Following an unscheduled soak in the village duck pond, she meets Sylvia, who runs the nearby Duck Pond Café. Renting the little flat above the café seems like the answer to Ellie’s prayers. It’s only for six months, which will give her time to sort out her life, far away from cheating fiancé Richard.

But is running away from your past ever really the answer?

Clashing with the mysterious and brooding Zak Chamberlain, an author with a bad case of writer’s block, is definitely not what Ellie needs right now. And then there’s Sylvia, who’s clinging so hard to her past, she’s in danger of losing the quaint but run-down Duck Pond Café altogether.

Can Ellie find the answers she desperately needs in Sunnybrook? And will she be able to help save Sylvia’s little Duck Pond Café from closure?

This novella is part of a trilogy:

Spring at The Little Duck Pond Café

Summer at The Little Duck Pond Café

Winter at The Little Duck Pond Café

Publication date: 22nd March 2018


Author Bio

Rosie Green has been scribbling stories ever since she was little. Back then they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by ‘the baddies’. Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all, unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love.

Rosie’s brand new series of novellas is centred on life in a village café. The first, Spring at the Little Duck Pond Café, is out on March 22nd 2018.

Twitter –

So, here it is!! The gorgeous new cover you have all been so eager to see!!!


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The Best Boomerville Hotel by Caroline James #bookreview #happypublicationday


‘Britain’s answer to the best Marigold Hotel’

Let the shenanigans begin at the Best Boomerville Hotel …

Jo Docherty and Hattie Contaldo have a vision – a holiday retreat in the heart of the Lake District exclusively for guests of ‘a certain age’ wishing to stimulate both mind and body with new creative experiences. One hotel refurbishment later and the Best Boomerville Hotel is open for business!

Perhaps not surprisingly Boomerville attracts more than its fair share of eccentric clientele: there’s fun-loving Sir Henry Mulberry and his brother Hugo; Lucinda Brown, an impoverished artist with more ego than talent; Andy Mack, a charming Porsche-driving James Bond lookalike, as well as Kate Simmons, a woman who made her fortune from an internet dating agency but still hasn’t found ‘the One’ herself.

With such an array of colourful individuals there’s bound to be laughs aplenty, but could there be tears and heartbreak too and will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?

Publisher – Ruby Fiction

Publication Date – 13th March 2018



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Caroline’s latest novel, The Best Boomerville Hotel will be published by Ruby Fiction on 13th March, 2018 and is being described as ‘Britain’s answer to the best Marigold Hotel, fabulous!’

Caroline James was born in Cheshire and wanted to be a writer from an early age. She trained, however, in the catering trade and worked and travelled both at home and abroad.

Caroline’s debut novel, Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me shot to #3 on Amazon and was Ebook of the Week in The Sun newspaper. Her second novel, Coffee Tea The Chef & Me has been described as wickedly funny: ‘AbFab meets MasterChef in a Soap…’

Coffee Tea The Caribbean & Me was a Finalist at The Write Stuff, London Book Fair 2015 and the judge’s comments included: “Caroline is a natural story-teller with a gift for humour in her writing.” The book is an amazon best-seller and ‘Top Recommended Read – Thomson Holidays InFlight Magazine 2017’

Jungle Rock has been described as ‘fabulously funny – a perfect feel-good read’.

Caroline has owned and run many catering related businesses and cookery is a passion alongside her writing, combining the two with her love of the hospitality industry and romantic fiction. She has published short stories and is a member of the RNA. Caroline writes articles on food and celebrity based interviews and is Feature Editor for a lifestyle magazine. When she’s not writing, Caroline can generally be found with her nose in a book and her hand in a box of chocolates, she also likes to climb mountains and contemplate life.

You can follow Caroline:




What a fabulous fun read! It follows a number of characters as they reach a certain stage in their life and are looking for more! And they definitely find more than they hoped at the Boomerville Hotel!

Kate is 50 and finding it hard to find love so she’s looking to get away from it all, and sees an advert for this luxury retreat and decides to do something different and book herself in there! She’s looking forward to meeting a variety of people and trying new things.

Hattie and Jo are the owners of the Boomerville Hotel in the Lake District and are glad to see business picking up after they recently re-opened and they see the people who come and visit as extended family. Some are there for a short time, others are longer stay residents so they get to know everyone who walks through their doors.

I loved the mix of characters in this story! Some were easier to warm to than others and I loved the mix of storylines too – there is romance, finding yourself, moving on, family problems – as it keeps you guessing what is round the corner and how they can all end up helping one another in learning things about themselves. There’s even echoes of the film ‘Ghost’ in one class!

Everyone is there for their own reason – some good, some bad! – and it was a delight to watch over this community through good and bad times and see how their lives can change after a change in their routine and a different approach that their time at the Boomerville Hotel allows them to discover!


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How Well Does GoodReads Know Me?!

I’ve been tempted to join in with this after seeing it over at KristinKravesBooks who saw it at Ally @ Ally Writes Things who got the idea from Caitlin @ Caitstiel’s Book World!

All you have to do is look at your Goodreads recommendations and decide whether or not you are interested in reading the books or not.  I’d never really taken much notice of the recommendations before but this whole idea intrigued me and I was shocked to see so many recommendations based on my various bookshelves at GoodReads! Not that I need any help in being tempted by yet more books, but there’s recommendations based on my ‘currently reading’ shelf, my ‘to read’ shelf, my ‘audiobook’ shelf … and more!  So I’ll be picking the first 10 from my currently reading shelf and am sure I’ll be revisiting this feature in the future as it’s a great way of finding out about other books!

Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust

  Swann’s Way tells two related stories, the first of which revolves around Marcel, a younger version of the narrator, and his experiences in, and memories of, the French town Combray. Inspired by the “gusts of memory” that rise up within him as he dips a Madeleine into hot tea, the narrator discusses his fear of going to bed at night. He is a creature of habit and dislikes waking up in the middle of the night not knowing where he is.
He claims that people are defined by the objects that surround them and must piece together their identities bit by bit each time they wake up. The young Marcel is so nervous about sleeping alone that he looks forward to his mother’s goodnight kisses, but also dreads them as a sign of an impending sleepless night. One night, when Charles Swann, a friend of his grandparents, is visiting, his mother cannot come kiss him goodnight. He stays up until Swann leaves and looks so sad and pitiful that even his disciplinarian father encourages “Mamma” to spend the night in Marcel’s room.

Intriguing!! And I’ve never read any Proust so maybe this should be my first!
Justine by Lawrence Durrell

The time is the eve of the Second World War. The place is Alexandria, an Egyptian city that once housed the world’s greatest library and whose inhabitants are still dedicated to knowledge. But for the obsessed and purblind characters in this mesmerizing first novel of the Alexandria Quartet, the pursuit of knowledge leads to no library, only to the bedrooms in which each seeks to know – and possess – the other. Since its publication in 1957, “Justine” has inspired an almost religious devotion among readers and critics. It is not so much a book as it is a self-contained universe, constructed by one of the most elegant and formidably intelligent minds in contemporary fiction.

Another book I’ve never heard of! And despite some glowing reviews it doesn’t really appeal to me as much!
Beneath an Irish Sky by Isabella Connor

Jack Stewart thought he’d put the past behind him. On the surface, he has everything success, money, a big house and he is never short of an attractive woman by his side, but a tragic road accident shatters Jack’s world.
Raised as an Irish Traveller, Luke Kiernan hasn’t had it easy, and when he wakes in a Dublin hospital to find the man he’s hated since childhood at his bedside, he’s hungry for revenge.Two very different worlds collide, bringing new dangers, exposing past deceits, and unearthing dark family secrets buried long ago. But from tragedy springs the promise of a fresh start with two women who are intent on helping Jack and Luke mend their lives.
Can new love heal old wounds, or are some scars there for good?

Anything by Choc Lit gets the thumbs up from me, and I’m shocked not to have heard of this one before so definitely will be looking out for it!
By My Side by Alice Peterson

One step can change everything…

Cass Brooks wishes she could turn back time. She’d go back to that morning and retrace her steps. Her boyfriend, Sean, would still be with her. Her mother wouldn’t be nagging her to plan a new future when all she wants is her old life back.
But when Ticket, the most loyal golden Labrador, bursts into Cass’s life, she dares to dream that she can be happy again, that maybe she has a future after all?
Charlie Bell is single. Why can’t he commit? Following his latest break up, he finds himself sitting next to a young woman called Cass on a flight to Colorado.
She is unlike any woman he’s met before…

Ooh this sounds like another goodie too!  Aarrggh I hate this recommending feature! I’m never going to be able to tame my TBR pile!!
Those Summer Nights by Mandy Baggot

 Sunshine, soft white sand and a sizzling hot millionaire – you don’t get trouble in paradise, right?
Imogen Charlton is sorted. Dead-beat husband? History. Dream job? Application sent. But then her impulsive brother, Harry, spends every last penny on a Greek restaurant in Corfu, and is determined to run it himself. It’s up to Imogen to bring him to his senses.
When sexy millionaire Panos Dimitriou offers to buy back his family taverna, Imogen wonders if all her prayers have been answered (and all her fantasies about to come true). But Harry won’t budge, and his enthusiasm is infectious.
Bright pink bougainvillea tumbling over whitewashed walls, endless blue skies, the sparkling Mediterranean; it’s hard not to fall for Corfu. And that’s not all Imogen is falling for…
As the sparks of passion fly between Imogen and Panos, is Imogen having second thoughts on selling the restaurant? And will she have to choose between love and a new dream?

Sounds like the perfect summer easy read!

Nobody’s Fault by Terry Tyler

Drama, mystery, romance: a family with secrets…

Adrienne is the love of his life. Nick is the love of her life. Six days after meeting her, Nick leaves home. He has no choice; they can’t live without each other.
Nick’s wife Ria and eldest daughter Cat find various ways of working out their anger and resentment, while fifteen year old Tara is caught in the middle. And then there is Nick’s cousin Caroline, with her own axe to grind when it comes to marital affairs…
When tragedy strikes, they are all looking for someone to blame.
Lonely and trusting Sharon, seeking love and friendship on internet dating and social networking sites, has no suspicion of the part she plays in the drama – or that the people she meets in cyberspace might not be all that they seem…

Sounds intriguing but can’t really decide if this is my kind of thing – gets good reviews though!
Bliss & Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield

A collection of short stories by Katherine Mansfield, widely recognized as one of the greatest writers of her period, that capture with accuracy those emotionally-charged moments when an individual is most revealing.
Prelude —
Je ne parle pas français —
Bliss —
The wind blows —
Psychology —
Pictures —
The man without a temperament —
Mr. Reginald Peacock’s day —
Sun and moon —
Feuille d’album —
A dill pickle –The little governess —
Revelations —
The escape.

Another author that I’m sad to say I’ve never read and I have been looking for some more short story collections so this could be an interesting one to pick up!
A Question of Upbringing by Anthony Powell

The opening novel in Anthony Powell’s brilliant twelve-novel sequence, A Dance to the Music of Time.
Discover the extraordinary life of Anthony Powell – captured by acclaimed biographer Hilary Spurling in Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time – available now in hardback and ebook from Hamish Hamilton.

The first book in a series of 12 – and yet more books I have never heard of! I am a little bit intrigued as to why GoodReads thinks this is for me ! Who am I to dispute the bookish power of GoodReads!
Light in August by William Faulkner

 Light in August, a novel that contrasts stark tragedy with hopeful perseverance in the face of mortality, features some of Faulkner’s most memorable characters: guileless, dauntless Lena Grove, in search of the father of her unborn child; Reverend Gail Hightower, a lonely outcast haunted by visions of Confederate glory; and Joe Christmas, a desperate, enigmatic drifter consumed by his mixed ancestry.

Another author I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read anything by. The reviews alone make me want to pick this up immediately!
Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry

Behind the gorgeous Georgian sweep of Pelham Crescent, Bath, everyone’s getting ready for Christmas…
At Number 14, Josie Ballard is up to her ears in brandy, raisins and cherries as she battles to make forty Christmas puddings to sell at Bath Christmas Market. Ever since Giles walked out the day their baby was born, Josie has had to work twice as hard to make ends meet. Sacrificing a career as a chef, her famous steamed puddings keep her and her gorgeous baby boy Titus afloat. Almost. So when, in the middle of Stir Up Sunday, a new neighbour in the Crescent complains about the noise that Titus is making, Josie gives him a basinful…
Giles, meanwhile, is finding life in the fast-lane with his uber-glamorous new girlfriend Rebecca rather draining. With one party blurring into another, he’s now wondering if he hasn’t made a terrible mistake in abandoning Josie and his child. Isn’t it time he grew up, his mother asks, and Giles is starting to agree. So when he discovers Josie has a handsome new neighbour, Giles decides it’s time to step up to his parental duties…

I love Veronica Henry books but this one has passed me by.. not anymore!!
Ooh I’ve loved going through these! What a mix!! Even if it has added to my TBR mountain! Has anyone read any of these?! Do I need to pick them all up or can I avoid some?! Would love to hear your thoughts!