A school trip to historic Deanchester becomes more exciting when Jess and her friends discover the city hides a secret treasure. Local historian Dr Joseph Pyrite left a series of clues scattered around Deanchester’s landmarks, which Jess, Mason and Kessie are determined to solve. But they only have three days. And they have competition. A series of increasingly cunning tricks awaits Jess and her party as they try to beat Perdita and Thomas to the treasure.





This was just the kind of book I needed at this time!! Pure escapism and full of fun and intrigue! The perfect middle grade story for readers young and slightly older!!

The story is based around a school trip to Deanchester! Lots of excited kids on a coach, away from their parents for probably the first time – those poor teachers!! But the moment some of the children find an intriguing book, their attention is switched to solving the mystery! The book tells of a historian who has scattered clues around Deanchester before his death, and it hints of hidden treasure! Who wouldn’t be excited!

What follows is 2 groups of friends working against each other to be the first to solve the clues – and provides a perfect way of them learning while having fun in completing the quest! There’s lots of sabotage and fun along the way and I found myself just as fascinated as to what they would uncover if they solved all the clues! There’s history and ghost walks and all against the ticking clock of them having to go back home! There’s also some really sweet black and white illustrations that add that little extra to the story!

I really enjoyed this and just enjoy the way Rob writes stories to keep them relevant and engaging!!


3 thoughts on “#BookReview THE TREASURE IN THE TOWER by ROB KEELEY

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